Bridal Show Etiquette Part 1 – No Party Crashers

rulesJust the phrase, “good manners” sounds old-fashioned to some people. Perhaps it is… but in the best possible way.

A bridal show, or a trade show of any kind, is simultaneously a team effort and a competition. The atmosphere set by its exhibitors and show staff are the driving force in creating a successful sales and marketing event for all involved.

Who the show serves

  • The bridal show customer: A bridal show producer  serves two masters… attending brides (including family and friends) and the exhibitors who have leased booth space to market products and services.
  • The bridal show guest: Members of the media, prospective exhibitors, and a few select others, are welcome guests.

no party crashers

  • As an exhibitor, you have entered into an agreement with the show producer. Within the paperwork are some policies and procedures for you and your peers to work within. That’s the easy part…
  • Party Crashers: Occasionally, there are interlopers who somehow feel empowered to step on your toes.
  • How to identify a Party Crasher: At first, they appear confused. Although otherwise appearing human, Party Crashers mistake the bridal show for a public utility… an enterprise that serves the entire business community, not just those who rent space.

You’ve are deputized

Though not explicitly stated in your bridal show paperwork, as an exhibitor, you are a wedding industry team member and a deputy.

Occasionally, there are people roaming the building exterior and parking lot who don’t belong. They are easily recognized by the flyers they stuff under windshield wipers of unsuspecting brides and exhibitors.

Do not get angry, do not confront them. Find a Bridal Spectacular staff member and direct them to the offender, quickly and directly. They will send them packing.

Other brazen trespassers will approach you, directly, at your booth. They may flatter you, ask you for information (appearing curious, interested, and even bride-like), and THEN will then solicit YOUR business. They are not renting booth space. YOU are renting booth space.

Do not get angry, do not confront them. Find a Bridal Spectacular staff member and direct them to the offender, quickly and directly. They will send them packing.

There is one simple guideline: URGENCY!

As an exhibitor and show-deputy, it’s necessary to find a member of the show producer team, immediately. They will handle show the intruder the exit, post-haste.

Don’t just shoo the party crasher away from your exhibit. That won’t solve the problem. Your show producer would prefer to never have to deal with party crashers, but they will, when needed… What they don’t want, is to hear complaints about uninvited guests, later in the day.

The irony is this: These folks didn’t sign any agreement or rules. They may be unfamiliar with show etiquette… or they may just be trying to pull a fast one. It doesn’t really matter. But your swift communication with a member of the show production staff can restore ‘good manners’ to all corners of the show floor and building exterior.

NOTE: These are the unfiltered observations, opinions and recommendations of Andy Ebon, Wedding Marketing Expert and Chief of The Wedding Police. While not explicitly endorsed by Bridal Spectacular, you can be certain these remarks are in the spirit of your success and the enjoyment of brides and the members of their entourage.:)

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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