Bridal Shows

Bridal Spectacular bridal showBridal Shows stand alone in the line-up of wedding marketing tools, in that they enable you to  meet the bride and groom face-to-face, in a fun yet non-threatening environment.

A bride knows she can easily walk on if she does not like what she hears or has already filled that need. But if intrigued by your product or service, she can schedule an appointment to meet with you again, and is already predisposed to making a buying decision, then.

According to Wayne Dunham of Expo Magazine,

“Consumer shows are family experiences that people want to enjoy, while seeking products that it would take days to see in stores… they’re huge information market places under one roof.”

Despite growing marketing efforts by department and discount stores and the incredible growth of the internet, consumer shows remain the only place where the public can see, touch, compare and ask questions about products, displayed side-by-side under one roof.

Here are key reasons why bridal shows work so well:

  • They provide a lot of new prospects in a short period of time
  • They allow you to outshine the competition on the spot.
  • Allows you to demonstrate or show your products to prospects you might not meet any where else
  • They are relationship builders with your customers that attend the show…. they like to see you there!
  • Provides opportunities to network with fellow wedding professionals
  • Allows you to feel the pulse of the wedding industry

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