Print Advertising

Spectacular BridePrint Advertising is probably the most controversial form of advertising available to the wedding professional at this time.  There are those who would have you believe it is dying, but I challenge you to check with the brides who are planning their weddings.

Ask them what were their first essential tools as they started into the long process of reaching the ultimate goal of their wedding day.  There are two things they are going to do for sure:

  1. Pick up every wedding publication they can get their hand on, both national and regional
  2. Research on the internet
How to choose which magazines to advertise in will be the subject of future articles, but for now make sure you consider these factors.
  • What is the total circulation?
  • How often do they print?
  • Where are they distributed locally?
  • Do they have a reliable distribution service?
  • Is the publication mailed to Destination Brides?
  • Can they show you proof of their distribution?
  • Have you checked their references?
  • Do they have an electronic version available?
  • Are they offering you a Free 1 time ad but then lock you into long term contracts?
  • Did they tell you they reach ONE particular element of the wedding market?  Like the discriminating bride or the budget bride? This is actually impossible to do, you want to reach the largest number of brides possible to find your target customer.
  • Does the publication have a functional wedding planning section?
  • Does it feature Real Las Vegas brides?
  • Does the publication treat all their advertisers with fairness and integrity?
  • If they claim to be national and are distributed in multiple cities,  contact wedding pros in those cities to find out if they recommend the magazine.
Just something to think about as you research who you want to advertise with.  Research is the key,  don’t buy advertising from the only sales person who has contacted you.  Some companies are not as aggressive as others, preferring a soft approach.  
Revised:  5/3/20
All printed wedding magazines in Las Vegas have stopped printing. There was just not enough advertising revenue to support them
Spectacular Bride was reinvented as a Digital Magazine  “Spectacular Weddings of Las Vegas”
Full of Wedding tips, advice and eye candy created by Las Vegas professionals, we hope you enjoy!

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