Bridal Show Attire – Etiquette Part 2

Polo Shirt styleHow your staff is dressed for the bridal show is an important factor, both in communicating a message to the brides and their entourages, as well as a comfort factor for you and your exhibit team.

TEAM EFFORT: Color, Look Style

There are many right ways to present your company. Here are a few concepts to consider. If you are a day-of-wedding vendor, consider attire, consistent with that.

Not everyone need be in formal attire. In fact, that may create a confusing look.

  • Entertainers are often in formal wear at a wedding reception. And if musicians or DJs are working the booth, formal wear is appropriate attire. If there is a ‘company color’ for the vest or tie, wear it. To differentiate the bandleader or DJ company owner from side-men or staff DJ’s, perhaps that individual might wear a suit or pantsuit.
  • Catering Staff are dressed uniformly. That being the case, they have (or own) the appropriate attire. The simply need to be informed, in advance, what the plan is, for the show.
  • Photographer attire can vary with the style of the event or with the photographer, themselves. At the show, it makes sense to present oneself in a ‘default style’, consistent with photography style.

If your business approach is best accomplished by building rapport and with the bride, one should an image, consistent with value and style that best matches your prospective target client.

It’s important to recognize that brides may or may not dress-up for the bridal show. It’s risky to judge their tastes or financial resources by seeing how they’re dressed. It isn’t until you’re engaged in discussion that you’ll get a better sense of your business compatibility.

Trust in this: Your company will be judged based on the uniformity and style of its exhibit staff. Formalwear, polo-shorts and slacks, business attire, and company uniform can all be correct. T-Shirts and blue jeans are almost always too casual. If you’re going to break a rule, have a reason… making a statement is fine; just have a definitive reason.

Comfortable Shoes: The one place your wardrobe may differentiate, with good reason, is choosing comfort over style. You will be on your feet for the better of an evening and a day, not counting set-up and breakdown. It’s not easy to smile and interact when you are in devastating pain.

Communicate with your staff, in advance: Think through these recommendations, and communicate them with your staff by the end of the day, Tuesday. Make sure you’ve reached everyone by close-of-business, Tuesday. That will allow a couple of days for laundering or cleaning.

Stand out against your competition for all the right reasons.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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