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Take Advantage of the Tone of Veils, Tails, and Cocktails

Veils-Tails-Cocktails-2012_tablescapes-by-Jovani-Linens-and-Floral-Design_blue-300x225Wedding events of all kinds have their own distinct nature. It isn’t just a matter of large or small, hotel or free-standing venue, type of hotel, location in the Las Vegas Valley, the number of brides attending.

Even intangibles and perceptions come into play. Everything from ceiling height to the overall vibe of the event, and timing on the calendar create for specific opportunities.


Veils, Tails, and Cocktails, in part, is scheduled to take advantage of the flood of Valentine’s Day Engagements.  Wedding industry research clearly documents that this period is the second busiest of the year, following the Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve period.

What to expect at the Aria: Not all ballrooms are created equal.  The meeting space at the Aria is a beautifully designed, and lends itself nicely to the show. A built-in stage for the Fashion Show, plush carpeting and a color theme that is easy on the eye. High ceiling, room lighting, wall coverings, and wall art make it a distinctively warm and attract setting for the bride.

Check the show floor plan

If you’re already set to exhibit… good call! You have a week to make your final plans and preparations.

If your calendar is not booked up into 2015, there are still a few booths available. And when I say a few… that’s it, that’s all.  If you are so inclined, before we run of time and booths: (702) 368-0088

Bride’s soak up the good mood, and you will, too. You’ll love the sound of the silent cash register ring.

Friday evening, March 21st, 6pm – 10pm.

See you at the show!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Facebook Updates Protocol

Facebook status updateFacebook doesn’t share your status updates with 100% percent of your friends anymore. It’s generally less than 20%, and yet we often do even more damage to our own visibility… particularly, those of us who use our personal pages for both business and personal messages.

Here’s a list of considerations you should riffle through, before making your next Facebook status update.

  1. What’s the reason for your update? – Is it humor? Are you sharing important information for life? Nobody cares where you ate for lunch or what you ordered… nor do want a picture of it. Unless it is the most incredible and beautiful concoction you’ve ever seen or tasted, AND you have the recipe handy, it’s a non-starter.
  2. How many times have you updated, today? – If it’s more than a handful of times, then you’re not really cut out for Facebook. You’re more of a Twitter user. Likely you have a Twitter account… maybe it’s time to use it.
  3. Who are your friends? Are they real friends, college buddies, business peers, clients, prospects, your 15-year old nephew. Do these people know that you dressed up like it’s halloween and danced on a table top?  Not everybody needs to know your go-go/costume tendencies.
  4. Don’t ask for emotional support with explaining what it’s all about? Matter of fact, don’t ask everyone who’s a friend to read your most public thoughts. Better idea… call a good friend and hear a human voice.
  5. Are you just thinking out loud? If another person posted the same update, would you snicker?
  6. Do you REALLY think that all your friends need to hear about your Facebook game addiction? Color most of them: Not interested!
  7. Your guilty pleasure may sound ludicrous to the masses. Even posting about a hip/happening TV show is a bad idea if you’re in a different time zone… you become a spoiler. Stick to live national events, such as the Super Bowl.

Random musings are risky business. Those are for your private journal, not public view. Every post should have a purpose.

People judge our communications all the time. People don’t have to unfriend you to make you go away. They can just mute your news feed.

Proceed with caution…

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog