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The 2015 BSPI National Survey Results are in — Bridal Shows are Paying Off!

The Bridal Spectacular Team recently had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Bridal Show Producers International Conference (BSPI) where they shared fascinating stats and information about vendor’s experiences with bridal shows. BSPI used The Wedding Report to survey 951 wedding industry companies just like yours, examining both vendors that do and do not participate in shows. The survey was comprised of a wide-range of businesses, including photography, venues, hair and make up, florists, DJs and many more as noted in the chart below.

BPSI_Vendors SurveyedOut of the 951 vendors surveyed, the businesses that consistently participated in bridal shows increased their revenue by 10 to 50% — the national average saw an increase of 35%. In addition, companies that attended bridal shows also produced 132% more weddings and generated 94% more income than companies that did not exhibit. Another interesting fact, statistics show that about 34% of couples planning weddings do attend bridal shows during their planning process.

BPSI_132% More Weddings

BPSI_94% More Income

Some vendors even reported that as high as 50% of their business comes from exhibiting in bridal shows, while the smallest percentage still reported they received at least 10% of their business from leads they met a show. So, if your company is not exhibiting, that is up to 50% of potential business that will be going to your competitors instead of you.

What does this mean for ROI? Of those surveyed, companies reported that 1/3 of their annual business comes from leads they met directly at a bridal show. To top it off, the vendors who were proactive and had a great post-show follow-up plan saw 19% of their annual business come from following up with the leads they met at a show.


Does your company have a strategic pre and post-show plan in place? The companies that were surveyed certainly do! In addition to attending bridal shows, the below graph shows what these businesses are also doing to supplement their lead generation efforts.

BPSI_Other Marketing Tactics

When evaluating all of this insightful data, it validates that exhibiting at bridal shows not only helps vendors achieve more brand awareness and gain more qualified leads, but also the amount of business and revenue generated from these leads provides a considerable ROI.

When companies coupled a comprehensive marketing plan with consistently exhibiting at bridal shows, the results spoke for themselves. Not only are these companies generating more leads and revenue, but they also giving their competition a run for their money!

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Is your wedding business average? What is average?

averages“What’s your price?” is likely the most frequently asked, AND annoying question, posed to a wedding business. As marketers, we know the reason brides ask it, is because they don’t know what else to ask.

OK… fair enough… but how about breaking down expectations geared around ‘the average price of (fill in your category of business, here)’.

Averages work in many situations… Not in the wedding industry. National or regional averages don’t mean anything. Manhattan is not Mississippi. Montana is not Montpelier. 

And, within any given local market, there are variations by zip code.

But the most important variance from average is the distinctive qualities of your business.

There is nothing wrong with being an average business, and commanding an average price in your market. There is, though, something wrong with being an exceptional business, and failing to make the case for the above-average value of your service.

The challenge, when selling directly to brides, is this:

You have to make the case for excellence and value, with every prospect.

That being said, you should be pretty good at it, by now.

Are you? If not, what are you going to do about it?

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
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