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Why Companies Should Still Use Print Advertising

Marketing is a crucial component for every type of business, especially in the wedding industry. With so many competitors in the Las Vegas wedding market and couples continuously searching for their perfect vendors, advertising is one of the most valuable tools to help set your company a part from the others.

Though, there’s one question that has been buzzing around for quite a few years now — is print advertising dead? With the rapid surge of online and social media coupled with the lower costs, many businesses have completely shifted to digital marketing. However, print advertising still upholds its place as a proven and necessary component to help a company establish and maintain its brand. So, next time you’re considering launching a new marketing campaign, be sure to keep the following in mind:

Why Companies Should Still Use Print Advertising

Print Reaches Your Target Market

Specialty/niche publications, like wedding magazines, offer advertisers a loyal customer base. By leveraging the data and demographics publications are able to generate, companies can strategically place their brand in the right place and in front of the right audience. Likewise, the individuals who read these magazines are already interested in what your company has to offer, which allows you to reach a target market that may be more difficult to reach online these days.

Print is More Engaging

Although people are constantly online, they have learned to tune out the abundance of online ads. Conversely, people often take their time when they read a magazine, which includes the ads. Despite what businesses may think, there is still something to be said about a bride who can lie on the couch while flipping through wedding magazines in search of her favorite dresses and hairstyles!

Print Lets People Unplug

Just as the unplugged trend is making waves in the wedding scene, it’s also making waves at home. Individuals today are constantly on computers and other devices all day long. So when they get home, sometimes they just want to unplug, grab a book or magazine and let their computer eyes take a break!

Fewer Companies are Buying Print Today

With so many companies investing all of their marketing dollars online, magazines are less crowded with print ads. This means there are fewer competitors, your ad will have more room to shine, and you may also be able to get better rates.

Magazine Stack

Print Has Staying Power
Just as quickly as online ads go up; they disappear into cyber space just as fast. Magazines can stay in homes or offices for months and years. Many brides will even keep their favorite magazines as a keepsake or pass it down to the next bride-to-be in the family to help with their wedding planning.

Print is More Trustworthy

Throughout the years, print has still been able to maintain its credibility, unlike its online counterpart. With the overload of popups and banner ads online, it can be overwhelming and somewhat annoying to users. In addition, sometimes just the fear of getting spam or computer viruses is enough to make people hesitant to even click on your ad. You’ll never encounter that problem with a print ad.

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2012 is the Year of the Video.

A recent article in the Boston Globe announced that this year will be a boom year for video. Why? Video is a very social media … more than 85 percent of Americans watch videos online – more than 1.3 billion videos a day. For wedding professionals of all kinds, that’s a statistic not to be ignored.

Whether you’re a hairdresser, a makeup artist, a caterer or a florist who’s looking to build your wedding clientele, video can be part of an integrated marketing plan involving print, visual, and audio methods of message delivery.
Video allows for ease of use. Actually seeing the product in question being demonstrated gives a potential customer to look at things in private. Either they are watching the video at home on their computer or at their desk at lunch time. It’s far less stressful than driving around to several vendors and looking at the same thing over and over again. Video, for lack of a better phrase, is to the point!

Video allows for immediate sharing. Checking out a cake you saw on a caterer’s website or You Tube channel? Want grandma, your sister, your mom and your aunt to take a look at it too? Email the link and in minutes they can “ooh” and “aah” – or give the collective thumbs down in an instant.

Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of our decisions are made simply on the basis of looks. And so if you are going to create a video for your business remember a few things:

• If you can afford it, hire a professional videographer. Take a look at some of their previous work and see if it is a good fit.
• Let the videographer what image you want to convey. Sophisticated? Kitschy? Dramatic and daring? Let them know before you sign the contract. If you have examples in mind…show them! A lot of conflict and heartache can be avoided if everyone is on the same page.
• When the video is finished and edited, actually view it on the computer to see how it looks, instead of camera playback. It makes a huge difference.

While statistics indicate that video-based marketing appears to the wave of the future, it’s just as important that it is only one aspect of building your bridal business. In other words, diversify!

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Changing With The Times, When Your Wedding Marketing No Longer Seems To Work

As we travel through the muddy waters of these troubling economic times, we often begin to doubt if the marketing tool that used to work is still working.  While there have been some changes in how mainstream media work such as radio and television in reaching today’s brides, the truth  is most bridal marketing tools like bridal shows, wedding magazine print, wedding web sites still do the job they were created to do.  They bring brides to you!

I’m sure most bridal show producers and magazine publishers like myself agonize over bringing you the most leads and contact with brides possible. But the sad reality is we can’t make them buy from you.  The purchasing decision a bride makes depends on the impression she has of your business, your product, your professionalism and whether she trusts you to do the job she has in mind.

Today’s brides are not the same as yesterday’s brides.

  • She has trust issues (will you be in business tomorrow?)
  • She want’s something she may have never seen before (are you staying cutting edge?)
  • She wants to spend less money (do you have options for her?)
  • She may wait until the last minute to book (can you take on last minute bookings?)
  • She is staying young and you are getting older (how are you keeping a youthful look to your business?)
  • She wants everything personalized to her needs (are you still doing cookie cutter what you did 5-10 years ago?)

As a good friend of mine in the bridal show business, Bruce Thiebauth said, “you must be Darwinian Marketers  – Adapt or Die

Las Vegas wedding professionals rely on us (Bridal Spectacular Events, Inc.) to bring them contact with brides through bridal shows, Spectacular Bride and our website. We commit to always bringing you the most brides, we encourage you to constantly evaluate your business procedures to meet the needs of the brides. Read the other articles you will find located at Reachbrides.com for additional guidance in making these marketing tools work for you.”.