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Bridal Show follow-up makes for Spectacular Success

bridal show follow-upExhibitors in the Bridal Spectacular wedding show, this past Friday and Saturday, were treated to a winter-like-turnout, this past weekend at the Cashman Center.

Brides strolled the aisles with their entourages, surveying Las Vegas wedding products and services. 

PERCeived need and TIMING, Competition and Speed

A few factors create the selling/buying context and urgency for you and each bride.

  • Couples get engaged throughout the year. Depending on their engagement date, in relation to the bridal show, they may be thinking about your product or service… or perhaps not for a number of months. Plan your follow-up, accordingly.
  • Urgency: It is also important to be aware of their wedding date, and how many months from now, it occurs.
  • Show Leads: Bridal Spectacular does a superior job collecting information from all brides that attend the show, including what products and services they need, currently. That information is fed into its show leads email system. Bridal Spectacular has made it easy to compose a few messages for successive emails. The system tracks your email activity. One huge bonus is that sending messages via the Bridal Spectacular email service stops your business email address from being flagged as a spammer. As well, when brides make a decision, in any category,  unsubscribe in categories they are no longer interested in.
  • Booth Leads: Any bride you signed up for a contest or information in your booth, is a sizzling hot lead. That means Monday follow-up.
  • Competition and Urgency: Depending on your business category (photographer, videographer, DJ, venue, etc.,) there are different pressures for follow-up.
    • For example: I observed 20+ photographers and only 1 videographer exhibiting. So the pressure for follow up differs, dramatically.
  • Texting and Cell Phones: If you collected information at your booth, you may have already followed up with a text message. Ideally, your sign-up form should have included a simple permission box to allow for texting or cell-phone communication.
  • Confirming Appointments: I am a big proponent of a custom texting services for morning-of appointment confirmation. It is called Joopz.
  • Emailing: Use the in-house, Bridal Spectacular system and email on multiple occasions, with successive messages.
  • Repeat your branding and show message: With any follow-up medium, it’s important to reinforce your visual branding and repeat an show offer (if you made one), including the deadline.
  • Phone Call follow up: Telemarketing is not for everyone. It is, strictly a numbers game. Often, brides will buy from the next business who calls (from a given category). Will you be the one who calls?
  • Postcards: If you’re thinking about sending a postcard, today, you’re probably too late. Studies tell us that sending one postcard, as well as several emails or texts make a stronger impact than emails or texts alone.

Main Responsibilities: Bridal Show Producer & You

A bridal show producer has the job of filling the show floor with wedding products and services to offer the bride.

Aside from running the event smoothly for set-up and show days, their biggest responsibilities involve marketing the show, effectively, to drive foot traffic from brides and their entourage through the door.

Now, it’s your opportunity and responsibility to garner your fair share (or more) of appointments and sales from the opportunities developed at Bridal Spectacular.

Knock ’em dead!!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

The Art of Post-Meeting Networking Communications

Thank YouIn Las Vegas, it only seems one like one can attend a networking meeting every week night. Actually, when one includes lunches, it’s even more than that.

It’s important to pick your spots and maximize both your involvement and communication with others. And that includes more than just the time at the event.

Depending on the nature of a Thank You or acknowledgment it might take one or more of several forms.

  • Phone Call
  • Email
  • Public Post on Facebook
  • Private Message on Facebook
  • Text Message
  • Postcard
  • Handwritten note

Who thanks who?

  • Whether you were an attendee or a sponsor, consider thanking the event host for putting together a successful event.
  • Thank any or all vendor-sponsors, of note. It may be donation-as-promotion, but it takes a collection of them to make an event great.
  • Did you meet and talk with a number of interesting people? While you still have those conversations fresh in your mind, let those people know.
  • Thank the host venue, in particular. No networking event is successful without a venue that excels. They are generally looking for several things: A successful turnout and fun event, fresh awareness of their venue, referrals of future business. If you take a moment to thank them, in the present tense, it does a lot to fortify their feeling of success and begin a relationship, with them.

Public vs. Personal-Private Communication

I’m of the opinion that we reflexively respond publicly (such as Facebook posts) when a private communication would be more appropriate.

A thank you, in any medium, made directly and privately, adds specific importance and intent to your thoughts and appreciation. A public acknowledgment is more of a shout-out, which, if not shaped properly, comes across like name-dropping.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Check Your Links: Improve Your Bridal Directory Listing – Part 1

check your linksThe primary purpose of a bridal directory listing is to drive click-through traffic to your wedding business website, social media pages, or both.

One of the simplest and most important things you can do is check the outbound links in your listing, to make certain they are working. This rule applies whether you have a listing on BridalSpectacular.com, one of the national brand-name wedding directories, or local Las Vegas wedding directories.

There are several reasons a link may be broken.

  • You may have entered it incorrectly, when you set up the listing.
  • If a sales rep or clerical assistant entered your listing, they may have made an error.
  • Your website is out of commission (hosting issue, automatic payment issue).
  • There is clerical, technical, or billing issue with a social media site.

Some directory sites may have tools that indicate if a link is broken. However, you should not make that assumption. You should have a roster of both paid and free listings (i.e. trade association listings) and check them, periodically.

Broken links don’t just aggravate brides, they annoy anyone who uses the internet (that would include you and me).

So please, it’s probably a 15-20 task to check your listings, when you do it. Put in on your maintenance calendar and do it every couple of months.

And before you forget, make your first time, NOW! Then get your oil changed.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog