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Promoting Yourself Through Social Media is Not Enough – Meet Couples Face to Face

In a world that has gone all digital reaching engaged couples is harder than ever

Digital marketing vs face to face marketing

It’s easy to fall into the habit of marketing only through digital means, but In our modern techie world there are still many reasons why face to face communication will improve your marketing goals. Meeting couples at a bridal show will help you in these areas:

1. You can read their body language

According to research, more than 90% of human communication consists of  BODY LANGUAGE.  When you see the way that the person you are talking to reacts, you are able to better understand how they are feeling.  It will shorten the time it takes to reach a sales opportunity when you can truly tell weather they are interested in what you have to offer or not by reading facial and body cues.

2. builds relationships faster

Meeting engaged couples face to face provides a feel of friendliness which makes the couple more comfortable with you and increases the chance that they will want to do business with you.  Using text messages, social media, emails or phone calls won’t  the opportunity to build that “I know you and want to work with you feeling”

3. shows that you value the other person and increases trust

When you actually meet the other person and  show them through your expressions that you are listening and you care about what they are saying, you will show them that you value them as a person.  It makes them feel that what they have to say is important and being heard.  If you show that you are genuinely interested in what they want, they begin to have a feeling of trust that you can provide them with the wedding product or service that they are wanting.

4. increases your credibility

When a couple meets you at a bridal show along with other wedding pros and even competitors it increases your credibility in their valuations of your business. The fact that you made an investment in meeting them and helping them to make final decisions will register with them in a positive way. The impressions you make on them at the show will impact their purchases for the wedding.

5. increases efficiency and avoids the miscommunication that can happen in print

Is you product self explanatory in a few written words?  Or is it best explained so there is no confusion? If what you do is an important part of the wedding and it can’t be explained in a few words, then you need face to face time to get across what you can do for them.  One face to face meeting at a bridal show can save a lot of time down the road trying to sell your services.

Example of a Follow up Phone Call:  “Hi Suzie, it was so great chatting with you at the Bridal Spectacular about your fall wedding.  I loved the ideas we discussed and am excited to meet with you again and get them rolling or if you feel we got it all settled at the show I can simply email you the contract and we can get those dates held for you”

See how that meeting at the show has already moved you to the getting the sale closed opportunity?

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Wedding Industry Professionals Share Their Tips & Secrets for a Successful Bridal Show!

With one of our most successful bridal shows to date in the books, it’s time to begin planning our autumn show! So we ask ourselves, how can we enhance the next show? What did we miss? How can we better reach wedding planning couples? These are things that not only we at Bridal Spectacular always consider, but also vendors should regularly think of to help improve the bridal show experience for your own company.

So, to help all the Las Vegas wedding professionals with ideas and tips, we spoke with a few of Bridal Spectacular’s seasoned vendors to learn about their experience and what their secrets are for a successful bridal show!

Memory Lane Video

John Sanchez and Ricky Gulati from Memory Lane Video participate in both the winter and autumn Bridal Spectacular shows. They said exhibiting at a show has been beneficial because it allows them to better connect with couples and build relationships, “I like to observe physical cues to help me better read what a couple is looking for and make a personal connection with them,” said Ricky.

In addition, they said being at both shows provides a great opportunity to network with other wedding professionals, build more brand awareness, and it also gives them a chance to see couples again when they come back to another show to get even more ideas. And, the proof is in the pudding — the Memory Lane team met a lovely couple, Dan and Veron at a Bridal Spectacular Show and was able turn a casual conversation into a wonderful client. Take a look at their wedding video here:


The Memory Lane Video  Team

John, Ricky & the Memory Lane Team


Makeup in the 702

Megan, Owner of Makeup in the 702 participates in all Bridal Spectacular bridal shows. She said taking full advantage of all the promotional opportunities has really helped them gain more exposure and it’s very important to the livelihood of her business, “We take advantage of every opportunity Bridal Spectacular offers, from advertising in Spectacular Bride magazine to participating in the fashion show,” Megan said. “Having a booth and also doing the fashion show has been the best thing for us because it regenerates my girls and solidifies everything we love about working with brides.” She also mentioned that each vendor has their own special secret for a successful bridal show, but one of her favorite things about exhibiting is being able to meet so many brides face-to-face and build great partnerships with the other vendors.

The Ladies of Makeup in the 702

The Ladies of Makeup in the 702


Enchanted Florist

Michelle from Enchanted Florist said the winter show is their favorite and always the busiest for them, “A lot of engagements happen during the holidays and brides are more excited and prepared to speak with us in January.” They also do the August show to continue the reach to Las Vegas couples. Michelle added that she prefers to speak to couples in person because they book with the people, “Being able to talk to a couple face-to-face is always better because you are able read them and provide better ideas than you could do over the phone or in a email.” Michelle’s biggest tips for a successful show is to include signage and get good people to staff your booth, as the couples will end up booking off of personality more than anything else. She also mentioned that they implemented an interactive display at this past show, which was tremendously successful for them!

Michelle and Cat from Enchanted Florist

Michelle and Cat from Enchanted Florist


Reflection Bay Golf Club

Justine Jackson, the Event Sales Director for Reflection Bay Golf Club said they also participate in all shows. In addition, she said Reflection Bay advertises on the Bridal Spectacular website and in Spectacular Bride Magazine because it’s been worth the investment. “We advertise in all places and do all shows because people are visual and we’ve seen a better ROI doing so.” Justine’s tip for vendors at the show is to use your resources, “This is a great community and everyone is willing to help you,” she said. “My favorite part is the camaraderie with the other vendors. Just because you don’t get the client, doesn’t mean you don’t get to refer them to another company.”

Justine Jackson from Reflection Bay Golf Club

Justine Jackson from Reflection Bay Golf Club


Moxie Studios Photography

Lisa, Owner of Moxie Studio Photography, participates in both the winter and autumn bridal shows and is also an advertiser on the Bridal Spectacular website and Spectacular Bride Magazine. She said her favorite part of participating in the shows is being able to speak with couples face-to-face, as she gets better results in person. Her biggest tip for a successful show (especially for vendors that are exhibiting for the first time) is to “make a wow” and leave a really great first impression!

Lisa, Owner of Moxie Studio Photography

Lisa, Owner of Moxie Studio Photography


Thank you to all the amazing wedding professionals for sharing your great tips and personal experience with us and with your fellow vendors!



Changing With The Times, When Your Wedding Marketing No Longer Seems To Work

As we travel through the muddy waters of these troubling economic times, we often begin to doubt if the marketing tool that used to work is still working.  While there have been some changes in how mainstream media work such as radio and television in reaching today’s brides, the truth  is most bridal marketing tools like bridal shows, wedding magazine print, wedding web sites still do the job they were created to do.  They bring brides to you!

I’m sure most bridal show producers and magazine publishers like myself agonize over bringing you the most leads and contact with brides possible. But the sad reality is we can’t make them buy from you.  The purchasing decision a bride makes depends on the impression she has of your business, your product, your professionalism and whether she trusts you to do the job she has in mind.

Today’s brides are not the same as yesterday’s brides.

  • She has trust issues (will you be in business tomorrow?)
  • She want’s something she may have never seen before (are you staying cutting edge?)
  • She wants to spend less money (do you have options for her?)
  • She may wait until the last minute to book (can you take on last minute bookings?)
  • She is staying young and you are getting older (how are you keeping a youthful look to your business?)
  • She wants everything personalized to her needs (are you still doing cookie cutter what you did 5-10 years ago?)

As a good friend of mine in the bridal show business, Bruce Thiebauth said, “you must be Darwinian Marketers  – Adapt or Die

Las Vegas wedding professionals rely on us (Bridal Spectacular Events, Inc.) to bring them contact with brides through bridal shows, Spectacular Bride and our website. We commit to always bringing you the most brides, we encourage you to constantly evaluate your business procedures to meet the needs of the brides. Read the other articles you will find located at Reachbrides.com for additional guidance in making these marketing tools work for you.”.