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Bridal Show Follow-Up: Official Guilt Trip

Chocolate: Another potential guilt trip

Chocolate: Another potential guilt trip

If you exhibited in Veils, Tails & Cocktails, this past Friday, you now have access to all the hot leads from the event.

This isn’t just a nickname, these leads reflect opt-in choices by brides, indicating what products and services they are seeking. If the bride is at the beginning of her engagement, she is likely looking for most everything. If her wedding day is nearer, she may be looking for fewer services.

Right or wrong, statistically, brides generally are not looking for videographers, early in the wedding planning process. They look closer to their wedding day.

So, if you’re a videographer, and you download the hot leads, you can predict, more exactly, which brides have more urgency to buy a service such as yours. If they are looking for a videographer and their wedding day is, for example, within 120 days, Voila!, you have a SIZZLING lead.

So here’s the deal… Don’t tell anyone that ‘I don’t do leads!’ There is money on the table and it is either yours or it will belong to someone else.

It’s the old game of musical chairs. The music has stopped. Stand around long enough, and you’ll be left without a chair.

You’re not standing around, are you?

Andy Ebon



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