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Listen and look, to build rapport

ListenFacebook has a particular attraction as a broadcast medium. We often share great photos, private thoughts, interesting and provocative ideas, and trivia, among many other things.

When all we do is SPEAK, we miss the greatest business opportunity offered to us… to listen… to read… to gather information…

… about prospects, peers, potential business associates.

Don’t rush to respond to an inquiry that arrived via email. First, look for the prospect’s Facebook page. Don’t be surprised if key information about a bride, a peer, or a prospect is public, not private.

Are you spying? Not if the information is public…

You may learn preferences about wedding colors, favorite music, how the proposal was made… Many gems that may assist on a first phone call.

Meeting with a professional peer?

Where did they go to college? Do they have kids? Do they love/hate sports? Where did they grow up?

Any of the answers to these questions, and many more, may provide common ground for discussion over coffee or lunch.

Our lives are highly public, so don’t let any of this shock you. Getting to know people is a good idea. It takes away much of the uncertainty in building rapport.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

What Social Media Icons say about your listing: Improve your listing Part 7

facebookSocial Media Marketing for wedding professionals becomes more complicated every week. I give 3-hour seminars on Planning Your Social Media Strategy.

The toughest aspect is: Social Media Marketing is a moving target. Two years ago, Pinterest was in its infancy… now a wedding business without a Pinterest page is a laggard.

Your level of wedding directory listing on BridalSpectacular.com enables you to add a variety of social media icons and links, and embed a video. You don’t have to be involved all 8-10 social media platforms, but if your not on 3-4, you look like  you’re two years behind.

For example, if you just show is Facebook, and that’s it… you’re limiting the way a bride may want to find out more about your company.

It’s important to allow a bride to interact with you, the way she wants to.

…. Just sayin’

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Link: Rhymes with ‘Don’t make the bride think.” – Your listing – Part 2


Update your link!

Directory links are the rapid path to an inquiry for your business. Or at least they should be.

The ‘code’ for the link to your site ‘hides’ behind the name of your business, aptly underlined to indicate that it is an ‘active hyperlink.’

Most businesses that advertise on BridalSpectacular.com and other wedding website directories provide products and services for events, other weddings.

It’s commonplace to set the directory link to point to the welcome page of your website. That would not be the best linkage.

There are two superior options:

  1. Link, directly, to the wedding section of your website. Don’t ask the bride to make even one choice on the welcome page of your website. Take her, directly to Weddings on your side.
  2. Create a Landing Page, specifically, as a gateway-welcome page from your directory listing. If you are running 5, 10, or more listings for separate online ads, duplicate the Landing Page and customize that page for each source ad. Customizing the welcome to the particular source (BridalSpectacular.com, Facebook, etc.,) is a way of personalizing the connection between bride (prospective customer) and you.

Taking the anonymity and the indirect path to your wedding information show you as more thoughtful and precise than many competitors.

Don’t believe me? Go to any directory category on any website, and click on a dozen company links. I’ll bet you find that all but a couple of them haven’t made that incremental improvement.

It only takes a couple of minutes to update the link. Take the time.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog