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Promoting Yourself Through Social Media is Not Enough – Meet Couples Face to Face

In a world that has gone all digital reaching engaged couples is harder than ever

Digital marketing vs face to face marketing

It’s easy to fall into the habit of marketing only through digital means, but In our modern techie world there are still many reasons why face to face communication will improve your marketing goals. Meeting couples at a bridal show will help you in these areas:

1. You can read their body language

According to research, more than 90% of human communication consists of  BODY LANGUAGE.  When you see the way that the person you are talking to reacts, you are able to better understand how they are feeling.  It will shorten the time it takes to reach a sales opportunity when you can truly tell weather they are interested in what you have to offer or not by reading facial and body cues.

2. builds relationships faster

Meeting engaged couples face to face provides a feel of friendliness which makes the couple more comfortable with you and increases the chance that they will want to do business with you.  Using text messages, social media, emails or phone calls won’t  the opportunity to build that “I know you and want to work with you feeling”

3. shows that you value the other person and increases trust

When you actually meet the other person and  show them through your expressions that you are listening and you care about what they are saying, you will show them that you value them as a person.  It makes them feel that what they have to say is important and being heard.  If you show that you are genuinely interested in what they want, they begin to have a feeling of trust that you can provide them with the wedding product or service that they are wanting.

4. increases your credibility

When a couple meets you at a bridal show along with other wedding pros and even competitors it increases your credibility in their valuations of your business. The fact that you made an investment in meeting them and helping them to make final decisions will register with them in a positive way. The impressions you make on them at the show will impact their purchases for the wedding.

5. increases efficiency and avoids the miscommunication that can happen in print

Is you product self explanatory in a few written words?  Or is it best explained so there is no confusion? If what you do is an important part of the wedding and it can’t be explained in a few words, then you need face to face time to get across what you can do for them.  One face to face meeting at a bridal show can save a lot of time down the road trying to sell your services.

Example of a Follow up Phone Call:  “Hi Suzie, it was so great chatting with you at the Bridal Spectacular about your fall wedding.  I loved the ideas we discussed and am excited to meet with you again and get them rolling or if you feel we got it all settled at the show I can simply email you the contract and we can get those dates held for you”

See how that meeting at the show has already moved you to the getting the sale closed opportunity?

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Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 as Brands are Looking for Innovative Ways to Reach Consumers

Now becoming an advertising staple for both big and small brands alike, experimental marketing and live events, such as the Winter Bridal Spectacular Show, are becoming bigger than ever when it comes to making a meaningful connection with your customers. In fact, Advertising Age reported that in 2015 U.S. promotion-agency revenue (which including events and experiential marketing) increased 5.8 percent over the prior year.

With online ad blocking rapidly on the rise and television viewership drastically diminishing, brands are looking for new and innovative ways to reach consumers. In an article published by Westwood One, one of the key findings they shared was that event sponsorships is the fastest growing marketing services segment for the third year in a row. The report projects event sponsorship is to grow 7.4 percent in 2016 to a projected $35 billion.

Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 1

A great example the article shared of how brands are utilizing live events and sponsorships to create innovative experiences and build lasting relationships with consumers was a special backstage event created for the Academy of Country Music Awards. Sponsors were immersed in all aspects of the event, including Advance Auto Parts, which provided a photo booth with music stars that brought in more than 4.4 million total social media impressions:

Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 2

Another sponsor of the event was the popular candy bar, Twix. The brand integrated its product in a fun and engaging way, which not only achieved direct product placement in the hands of its consumers, but it also attained a great deal of organic media reach and word-of-mouth via social media:

Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 3

With the Winter Bridal Spectacular Show coming up this weekend, think of ways that you can also better integrate your brand in an effort to create lasting connections with the brides and grooms. Whether it is holding a social media contest where you ask attendees to post photos at your booth using a special hashtag; creating a memorable handout, like wedding planner, that standouts and brides will continue using after the show; or perhaps it is an engaging demo that brides will want to share on social media because they had such a wonderful time — the possibilities are endless!

Keep in mind that couples will remember the companies who leave a lasting impression with them, so take a chance and try something new. After all, that is why it is called “experimental” marketing.

If you would like to read even more tips for how to create a successful bridal show, please read our blog: Get Ready for the 25th Anniversary Bridal Spectacular Show. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Photo Credits: Westwood One