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Have you declared Bridal Show success?

donutI present to you… a donut! In all its sugary, doughy, high-caloric glory. As one of my old friends called it, “Hip food.”

Now, some other people, don’t see the donut, they see the hole. 

Those are often the folks who think a bridal show stops at the end of the second day. Not exactly!

That is when the fun begins…

A Gentle Reminder

Shortly after the Bridal Spectacular, I wrote a post about follow-up. That was an important post.

Most critical is the job of filtering the leads and dealing with them in different buckets, assigning different actions.

  • All the show leads
  • The show leads in your category(s) only
  • Brides who filled out lead sheets or contest entries while in your both
  • A spreadsheet sort of the leads you have flagged for follow-up, in chronological order.
    • Create another field for days-until-wedding, calculated from the Bridal Spectacular weekend.
    • Use a contact management program to schedule reminders to yourself for follow-up communication.
  • Brides or wedding couples you have spoken with, by phone, or in-person, since the show.

Are you tired yet?

You might be? The better question to ask is:

“Are you done marketing the bridal show leads, yet?”

The right answer to the question is:

“No!… and it’s too early to conclude if the show has been successful. I won’t know for at least a month or two after I’ve worked through the appointments I scheduled.”


When you’re in the bridal show, it feels like your competition is everywhere. Not true… that’s just some of your competition. There are many others, outside the four walls of the bridal show.

Your advantage is you had face time in your booth, and many accompanying marketing tools provided by Bridal Spectacular. And most of all, there’s that list. Names, addresses, dates, telephone numbers, email addresses… the works.

“Please don’t let any sizzling hot lead, cool off. Don’t leave any prospect untouched. And, don’t leave any money on the table.”

When all the work is done, and your bridal show numbers are in, your success should will be complete. Keep swinging!!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Bridal Show follow-up makes for Spectacular Success

bridal show follow-upExhibitors in the Bridal Spectacular wedding show, this past Friday and Saturday, were treated to a winter-like-turnout, this past weekend at the Cashman Center.

Brides strolled the aisles with their entourages, surveying Las Vegas wedding products and services. 

PERCeived need and TIMING, Competition and Speed

A few factors create the selling/buying context and urgency for you and each bride.

  • Couples get engaged throughout the year. Depending on their engagement date, in relation to the bridal show, they may be thinking about your product or service… or perhaps not for a number of months. Plan your follow-up, accordingly.
  • Urgency: It is also important to be aware of their wedding date, and how many months from now, it occurs.
  • Show Leads: Bridal Spectacular does a superior job collecting information from all brides that attend the show, including what products and services they need, currently. That information is fed into its show leads email system. Bridal Spectacular has made it easy to compose a few messages for successive emails. The system tracks your email activity. One huge bonus is that sending messages via the Bridal Spectacular email service stops your business email address from being flagged as a spammer. As well, when brides make a decision, in any category,  unsubscribe in categories they are no longer interested in.
  • Booth Leads: Any bride you signed up for a contest or information in your booth, is a sizzling hot lead. That means Monday follow-up.
  • Competition and Urgency: Depending on your business category (photographer, videographer, DJ, venue, etc.,) there are different pressures for follow-up.
    • For example: I observed 20+ photographers and only 1 videographer exhibiting. So the pressure for follow up differs, dramatically.
  • Texting and Cell Phones: If you collected information at your booth, you may have already followed up with a text message. Ideally, your sign-up form should have included a simple permission box to allow for texting or cell-phone communication.
  • Confirming Appointments: I am a big proponent of a custom texting services for morning-of appointment confirmation. It is called Joopz.
  • Emailing: Use the in-house, Bridal Spectacular system and email on multiple occasions, with successive messages.
  • Repeat your branding and show message: With any follow-up medium, it’s important to reinforce your visual branding and repeat an show offer (if you made one), including the deadline.
  • Phone Call follow up: Telemarketing is not for everyone. It is, strictly a numbers game. Often, brides will buy from the next business who calls (from a given category). Will you be the one who calls?
  • Postcards: If you’re thinking about sending a postcard, today, you’re probably too late. Studies tell us that sending one postcard, as well as several emails or texts make a stronger impact than emails or texts alone.

Main Responsibilities: Bridal Show Producer & You

A bridal show producer has the job of filling the show floor with wedding products and services to offer the bride.

Aside from running the event smoothly for set-up and show days, their biggest responsibilities involve marketing the show, effectively, to drive foot traffic from brides and their entourage through the door.

Now, it’s your opportunity and responsibility to garner your fair share (or more) of appointments and sales from the opportunities developed at Bridal Spectacular.

Knock ’em dead!!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

FOLLOW UP: Most Sales Close AFTER The Show Is Over



Meeting many brides at Bridal Spectacular is easy. Show after show, year after year, you can expect a good turnout.

The bride has a similar experience. Whatever her needs, she’ll find a wide assortment of businesses to select from. It’s an exciting day.

She walks the aisles with her entourage, having abbreviated discussions with a plethora of wedding vendors. She accummulates propaganda, coupons, discounts, sales pitches, parlor games, fashion shows, and general hoopla.

By the end of the day, she has collected a bagful of printed matter, CD-Roms, DVDs, buttons, stickers, and who-knows-what-else. When she gets home,  that bag of information and goodies can land in a corner, to be visited much later, or sometimes, never again. It’s your job not to let that happen.

After the fact

When attending bridal shows, I sometimes register as a groom (for research purposes, on behalf of the show producer). The shocking result is usually the total lack of follow upNo one seemed to do telemarketing. Email and snail mail usually totaling a combined 5%. For example, one pair of shows had a cumulative unique vendor count of more than 200. I received 6 emails and 2 letters.

From my viewpoint, only 2 of the 8 communications were worthwhile. In my estimation, that meant.

  • Well written
  • Sent in a timely manner
  • Included a call-to-action

Plainly put, one should be communicating with every qualified prospect that enters your booth (signing up for something). Second, one should process the show leads-list, and follow up with a slightly more general message.

If a bride has conversed with 5 to 10 wedding vendors in your category, they all start to look like a commodity. By using postcards, personalized letters, or emails, YOU can jump back in front of the crowd with a minimum of effort.

It’s wedding marketing basics, yet very few exhibitors do it.

Will you?

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog