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Is your wedding business average? What is average?

averages“What’s your price?” is likely the most frequently asked, AND annoying question, posed to a wedding business. As marketers, we know the reason brides ask it, is because they don’t know what else to ask.

OK… fair enough… but how about breaking down expectations geared around ‘the average price of (fill in your category of business, here)’.

Averages work in many situations… Not in the wedding industry. National or regional averages don’t mean anything. Manhattan is not Mississippi. Montana is not Montpelier. 

And, within any given local market, there are variations by zip code.

But the most important variance from average is the distinctive qualities of your business.

There is nothing wrong with being an average business, and commanding an average price in your market. There is, though, something wrong with being an exceptional business, and failing to make the case for the above-average value of your service.

The challenge, when selling directly to brides, is this:

You have to make the case for excellence and value, with every prospect.

That being said, you should be pretty good at it, by now.

Are you? If not, what are you going to do about it?

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Bridal Show Follow-Up: Official Guilt Trip

Chocolate: Another potential guilt trip

Chocolate: Another potential guilt trip

If you exhibited in Veils, Tails & Cocktails, this past Friday, you now have access to all the hot leads from the event.

This isn’t just a nickname, these leads reflect opt-in choices by brides, indicating what products and services they are seeking. If the bride is at the beginning of her engagement, she is likely looking for most everything. If her wedding day is nearer, she may be looking for fewer services.

Right or wrong, statistically, brides generally are not looking for videographers, early in the wedding planning process. They look closer to their wedding day.

So, if you’re a videographer, and you download the hot leads, you can predict, more exactly, which brides have more urgency to buy a service such as yours. If they are looking for a videographer and their wedding day is, for example, within 120 days, Voila!, you have a SIZZLING lead.

So here’s the deal… Don’t tell anyone that ‘I don’t do leads!’ There is money on the table and it is either yours or it will belong to someone else.

It’s the old game of musical chairs. The music has stopped. Stand around long enough, and you’ll be left without a chair.

You’re not standing around, are you?

Andy Ebon



Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

The Show is next Friday: Start your follow up plan, TODAY!

emailOne of the most common reasons for exhibitor failure is beginning follow up with brides, after the show.

It would seem logical to do post-show follow up… well, post-show. That is both true and false.

Whether you use postcards, letters, emails or telemarketing, it’s the preparation that determines the degree of success. Many brides are not quite ready to make a buying decision on the day of bridal show, often because they are overwhelmed.

However, if you are ready to follow up, immediately after the show, you gain a tremendous advantage. There are several key points to successful follow up.

  • A message or messages that are consistent with your appeal at the show.
  • Make your message personalized.
  • Use a customized landing page on your website, tied to the bridal show.
  • Don’t let time slip away. Follow up promptly.

The scariest part is that as many as 90% of wedding show exhibitors don’t follow up at all. And many of the rest, don’t do it well.

That is an opportunity for you!

Your success in Veils, Tails, and Cocktails doesn’t just happen at the show. The bigger success happens immediately after the show. That is… if you develop a follow up plan and implement it, succinctly.

You still have some time, if you get on it, today!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog