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You Don’t Do Bridal Shows Because They Cost Too Much? Really?

Bridal shows have been a staple for increasing  client base for wedding professionals for many years. Engaged couples from all walks of life planning Las Vegas weddings have been attending The Bridal Spectacular since 1991.  Perhaps you have considered joining a bridal show but have felt they were too expensive. Today we are taking on these objections and hopefully we can give you some new insights as to why you should add exhibiting at a bridal show to your marketing plans.

Bridal shows are too expensive!

Compared to what?  What other forms of marketing do you do?   Radio, TV, Print Ads, and Billboards are all more expensive than the cost of a booth in a bridal show and they won’t get you in front of the engaged couple.  Face to face is where you can have their attention and tell them more about what you have to offer.  This is your chance to start building a relationship with them which is vital to the millennial couple in making a final decision.  Internet advertising might seem more affordable or easier to do, but it does not put you in front of the couple which is a must before they will make a decision.

How are you coming to the conclusion bridal shows are too expensive? How much will it cost you to do nothing?

Make sure you have talked to the show producers about all possible options for participating in their show.  Most show producers have different sized booth options and payment plans depending on how far out you book.  Is your competition at the show?  That gives them the opportunity to meet the couple before you if you are not there.Talk to friends in the industry who ARE at the show (not the ones who don’t do it) find out how much it helps build their business each year.  Find out what you are missing out on if you are not there. Making your decision based on people who don’t do shows (no matter how good of friends they are) could be a costly mistake for you.

If you absolutely don’t have the budget this time, perhaps there is a program where your information can be put in a “shopping bag” the couple receives.

The best marketing products are often more expensive! But setting the price aside, if you have 100 couples in front of you asking questions about your product, how many of them can you get an appointment with? How many of those can you close?

Ask yourself these important questions, multiply the number you can close by your average sale and that will give you some idea of what you might be leaving on the table.  Don’t let price keep you from getting what you really want, to build your business right? 

The Bridal Spectacular is located in Las Vegas, NV and has been the largest bridal show in Nevada since 1991.  For more information, please call 702-368-0088






Print is Not Dead And Never Will Be According to Survey

Maybe print took a back seat to social media and the internet for awhile, but it’s totally possible that adults of all ages are turning back to print according to statistics presented by MPA Association of Magazine Media.

Survey states 91% of adults read magazines in the last 6 months. 94% of those adults were under age 35 and 95% of those were under 25.

That means the demographics that the wedding industry is looking for is reading magazines and we know that includes the niche magzines and regional magazines of the wedding industry.

So when you start working on your marketing budget to reach more brides, a well rounded campaign will include print, web and bridal shows.

Source: Association of Magazine Media

Source: Association of Magazine Media

Bridal Spectacular and Spectacular Bride Magazine can help you reach the brides planning a Las Vegas wedding. No one does it better! We reach approximately 2300 brides each year at our shows, 90,000 on our website, 40,000 through our print magazines, and another 60,000 on our Bridal Spectacular Blog. Call us today for more information or visit our website BridalSpectacular.com.

Tips For Getting More Leads at the Winter Bridal Show

The Winter Bridal Spectacular Show is just around the corner and wedding industry professionals have the opportunity to meet with more brides than at any other bridal show in the city. So, do you have a plan in place to capitalize on the thousands of leads that will be walking right in front of your booth? We have a few tips on how to better turn those leads into clients!

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Pre-Show Promotions

There is still time to reach out to brides before the show begins. Consider implementing the following marketing strategies to help gain more brand awareness and drive brides directly to your booth:

  • Send out a pre-show email blast with your booth number and ask brides to stop by and see you. You can also email personal invites with targeted messages and offers or promotions that you will be running during the show.
  • Offer brides a special gift or discount if they come visit your booth.
  • Do posts on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media channels asking your followers to visit you at the show and include your booth number. You can also run a social media contest or provide an exclusive social media offer for those who stop by.
  • Send half of something of value to attendees before the show, and promise to give the other half when they visit your booth.
  • Be sure to include your booth number on all your pre-show communications, including emails, direct mail, ads, social media and your website.
  • Post the Bridal Spectacular show schedule on your website with a link to sign-up for a special one-on-one consultation.

Bring You’re A-Team

Once brides arrive to your booth, you want to make sure you have the best team onsite to discuss your company and answer questions. Keep the following in mind when it comes to your staff:

  • Have enough staffers on-hand so you are able to speak to as many brides as possible.
  • Bring staffers who truly want to be there — nothing is worse than an unenthusiastic person who doesn’t appear approachable.
  • Consider holding a contest to reward the staffers who bring in the most qualified leads.
  • Be sure to train your staff beforehand and communicate the company’s goals and your expectations of them.
  • Give your staffers regular breaks so they don’t burn out.
  • Make friends with the nearby vendors, and refer attendees back and forth.
  • Bring your top management or the owner to the booth and let the brides know they will be available to all of their questions personally.
  • Don’t hide in your booth or behind the tables! Stand near the aisle to gain more foot traffic and appear more approachable.
  • Try not to sit down in your booth too much, unless you are speaking to brides.

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During the Show

During the show you need to make the most out of it! Sure, you could just stand around hope the brides will come talk to you, but if you are proactive you will generate more leads. Consider implementing these tactics to gain better results:

  • In addition to giving away literature, also get the brides contact information so you can follow-up and send more information afterward.
  • Consider doing a raffle, offer a prize, or special show discount to reward brides for visiting you. This will also help draw more attention to your booth!
  • Put out a candy dish to slow down attendees long enough to engage them.
  • Give your attendees something entertaining and fun to do. You can also do and engaging demo to keep them more interested.
  • Run presentations or videos on large monitors and play music to liven up your booth.

Being proactive and implementing just a few of these tips is sure to turn those leads into clients! Stay tuned for our next blog for tips on the best ways to follow-up with your leads after the show. Good luck and we will see you soon!