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Print is Not Dead And Never Will Be According to Survey

Maybe print took a back seat to social media and the internet for awhile, but it’s totally possible that adults of all ages are turning back to print according to statistics presented by MPA Association of Magazine Media.

Survey states 91% of adults read magazines in the last 6 months. 94% of those adults were under age 35 and 95% of those were under 25.

That means the demographics that the wedding industry is looking for is reading magazines and we know that includes the niche magzines and regional magazines of the wedding industry.

So when you start working on your marketing budget to reach more brides, a well rounded campaign will include print, web and bridal shows.

Source: Association of Magazine Media

Source: Association of Magazine Media

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What Happens When Wedding Pros Stop Marketing?

What happens when you stop marketing?


Your company has reached the point where you no longer feel the need to advertise. You have stopped all print, quit doing bridal shows, maybe you’re not even active in social networking any more. You still have a website and that’s all you really need, post a blog here and there and sit back and work the events your venues send you. All’s good right?

Right, you have plenty of business for now. However in the wedding business we are constantly dealing with a completely new group of brides year after year. Referrals will come in for a while but as newer companies market themselves the brides hear about them and not you. In just a few years your excellent branding you may have built up can fade away. It is totally possible that new brides may have never heard of you.

Not advertising this season can mean a year from now you won’t have as many weddings as you have now.

Anyone might want to take a break from time to time, but be careful how long you keep out of the limelight.

Sometimes, the idea of not marketing can be contagious. When you mimic the decision of fellow professionals, are you doing what is best for your company? The people who work at venues come and go, preferred vendor lists can change at the drop of a hat. It’s never wise to put all you eggs in one basket.

To insure that your brand keeps on growing the way you want, stay active! Keep your name and company in the forefront of other vendors and the brides by participating in quality bridal shows, keep a print presence in wedding magazines and on wedding websites. If you pull back too much and are out of site and out of mind beyond your small referring group of friends, you will no longer exist to new brides and newer pros.

Perhaps you feel you can get all the business you want from the venues that refer you, however if all professionals feel that way and only venues do the advertising and exhibiting at shows, shows will cease to exist as they need the variety to fulfil the brides expectations when they attend shows.

You might call it the “circle of life” for weddings. If we all don’t work together to make the wedding planning experience what the brides want and need, the face of the industry will soon change in a way that none of us will like.

Think about the things you did that got you to where you are today…..if you stop doing them will there be a negative impact on your business down the road?

stopadvertisingimagesIt’s not too late to book a marketing package with Bridal Spectacular Events, reaching brides through bridal shows, print and web.

Weak excuses for NOT exhibiting in bridal shows

Bride & Groom caketopperAs a wedding vendor for more than two decades, I ALWAYS exhibited in bridal shows… ALWAYS… in good years, bad years, and everything in-between.

A consistent presence with peers, and ongoing visibility to prospects, was a steady, solid approach to bookings.

When wedding businesses voice reasons for choosing not to exhibit, it usually triggers a head-shake from me.

Some of the reasons/excuses I hear often, are:

  1. Not doing the show because I’m getting so much business as a preferred vendor.
  2. Not doing the show because my (business) friends don’t.
  3. No doing the show because I have plenty of business.

Andy’s Answers to these Objections: 

Preferred Vendor Status: When things are going well, being a preferred vendor is a great thing. Unfortunately, one can never predict when that relationship may change.

A new Director of Catering is hired, and suddenly the calls dry up. One of your employees makes one critical mistake, at one wedding, and your company gets dropped like hot rock.

Meeting brides, in-person, at wedding shows, and following up on leads, throughout the year, mitigates ongoing risks. Should something go awry, you are still well positioned to book wedding business, directly.

My friends don’t exhibit: Whether your favorite peers do or don’t exhibit, is not a great reason, either to exhibit, or stay out. Your company should choose to exhibit for your own reasons, consistent with your marketing plans and goals. Want to hang out with your friend? Cool!! Go out for a post-show cocktail! 🙂

I’ve got plenty of business: It’s important to really consider that thought.

  • How many open Saturdays have you had during the last year or two?
  • How many weddings are you servicing, Sunday through Friday?
  • Are you getting the best bookings, available? – And by best, I mean: price, convenience, geography… however you may measure it.

The stronger  your marketing, the greater the opportunity to do more business, and strengthen the quality of clients.

I don’t get enough business from bridal shows: Bridal show producers are reluctant to criticize their exhibitors. Even when they see ways for a business to improve results, they don’t want to risk insulting anyone. Entrepreneurs can be a touchy bunch.

But when show producers look at booth attraction, vendor disposition, and the like, they can tell, almost without exception, who will have a good show. If you want solid feedback, and can handle constructive criticism, your show producer has seen it all, and is happy to offer help.

In upcoming posts, we’ll discuss some of the signs of excellence and weaknesses of bridal show presentation.

Have Good Reasons For Your Decisions

Don’t kid yourself! Have solid reasons for what you do… not justifications. Get on board… All in!

Want some great reasons to exhibit, try these.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
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