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Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 as Brands are Looking for Innovative Ways to Reach Consumers

Now becoming an advertising staple for both big and small brands alike, experimental marketing and live events, such as the Winter Bridal Spectacular Show, are becoming bigger than ever when it comes to making a meaningful connection with your customers. In fact, Advertising Age reported that in 2015 U.S. promotion-agency revenue (which including events and experiential marketing) increased 5.8 percent over the prior year.

With online ad blocking rapidly on the rise and television viewership drastically diminishing, brands are looking for new and innovative ways to reach consumers. In an article published by Westwood One, one of the key findings they shared was that event sponsorships is the fastest growing marketing services segment for the third year in a row. The report projects event sponsorship is to grow 7.4 percent in 2016 to a projected $35 billion.

Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 1

A great example the article shared of how brands are utilizing live events and sponsorships to create innovative experiences and build lasting relationships with consumers was a special backstage event created for the Academy of Country Music Awards. Sponsors were immersed in all aspects of the event, including Advance Auto Parts, which provided a photo booth with music stars that brought in more than 4.4 million total social media impressions:

Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 2

Another sponsor of the event was the popular candy bar, Twix. The brand integrated its product in a fun and engaging way, which not only achieved direct product placement in the hands of its consumers, but it also attained a great deal of organic media reach and word-of-mouth via social media:

Event Sponsorships are on the Rise in 2016 3

With the Winter Bridal Spectacular Show coming up this weekend, think of ways that you can also better integrate your brand in an effort to create lasting connections with the brides and grooms. Whether it is holding a social media contest where you ask attendees to post photos at your booth using a special hashtag; creating a memorable handout, like wedding planner, that standouts and brides will continue using after the show; or perhaps it is an engaging demo that brides will want to share on social media because they had such a wonderful time — the possibilities are endless!

Keep in mind that couples will remember the companies who leave a lasting impression with them, so take a chance and try something new. After all, that is why it is called “experimental” marketing.

If you would like to read even more tips for how to create a successful bridal show, please read our blog: Get Ready for the 25th Anniversary Bridal Spectacular Show. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Photo Credits: Westwood One


Get Ready for the 25th Anniversary Bridal Spectacular Show

The Winter Bridal Spectacular Show is just a few weeks away where you will have the opportunity to meet with more quality brides than at any other bridal show in Las Vegas. And, this isn’t just any show — the 2016 winter Bridal Spectacular Show marks 25 great years helping Las Vegas brides, grooms and their family and friends plan the wedding of their dreams by connecting them with the top wedding professionals in Las Vegas, like you.

Whether you are new to the show or have been exhibiting for years, we have a few tips to assist you in preparing your booth, team and promotions that will help lead to a more successful show.

Pre-Show Promotions

There is still plenty of time to reach out to brides before the show begins. Consider implementing a pre-show marketing plan to drive brides directly to your booth, such as:

  • Include your booth number on all your pre-show communications, like emails, direct mail, ads, social media and your website.
  • Send out a pre-show email blast with your booth number and ask brides to stop by to see you. You can also email personal invites with a special message or promotion you will be running during the show.
  • Publish the Bridal Spectacular show schedule on your website and social media sites with a link to sign-up for an exclusive one-on-one consultation.
  • Post announcements on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media channels asking your followers to visit you at the show and include your booth number. You can also run a social media contest or provide a social media offer for those who stop by.
  • Offer brides a special gift or discount if they come visit your booth.

Make Your Booth “Pop”

Having a great looking booth with branded signage and handouts is vital to help you look professional and standout to brides. Be sure to create and order any booth materials in advance, including banners, business cards, brochures/handouts, signage, as well as a way to track your booth visitors.

To make it even easier for our vendors, Bridal Spectacular has teamed up with local advertising agency, Up All Day Creative Solutions, to provide you with an exclusive discount for custom designed marketing materials to help you get the most out of your show experience, including:

  • Booth Signage & Backdrops
  • Booth Flyers/Hand-Outs
  • Pre and Post-Show Emails
  • Pre and Post-Show Direct Mail Postcards
  • And More

To learn more, please click here.


For more great tips on how set up your booth, check out these videos:

Bring You’re Top Team

Once couples arrive at your booth, you want to ensure you have the best team onsite to discuss your company and answer questions. Keep the following in mind when selecting your staff:

  • Have enough staffers on-hand so you are able to speak to as many brides as possible.
  • Bring booth staffers who are excited to be there — nothing is worse than an uninterested person who doesn’t look approachable.
  • Give your staffers regular breaks so they don’t burn out.
  • Don’t hide in your booth or behind the tables! Stand (not sit) near the aisle to gain more foot traffic and appear more approachable.
  • Consider holding a contest to reward the staffers who bring the most qualified leads.
  • Make friends with other vendors at the show so you can refer attendees back-and-forth.


During the Show

The show is only two days, so be sure to make the most out of it! Of course, you could just hang out in your booth and hope the brides will come talk to you, but if you are proactive you will achieve better results. Consider implementing these strategies to generate more leads:

  • In addition to giving away literature, also be sure to get the brides contact information so you can follow-up and send additional information afterward.
  • Consider doing a raffle, offer a prize, or special show discount to reward brides for visiting you. This will also help draw more attention to your booth.
  • Give your attendees something enjoyable and fun to do, like an engaging demo to keep them more interested.
  • Run presentations or videos on large a monitor and/or play music to liven up your booth.
  • Put out a candy dish to slow down attendees long enough to engage them.

For more great tips on the Do’s & Don’ts of selling at a Bridal Show, please view this video:

Follow-up After the Show

It’s imperative to maintain the momentum you built during the show and contact your leads while you are still fresh in their mind. Whether it’s an email or phone call, following-up right away is a great way to help your company stand out from competitors who may take weeks to follow-up with couples.

If you are proactive, bring your top team and implement just a few of these tips, your show experience will be more successful, and more importantly, it can lead to more business. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all soon!


Tips For Creating a Successful Post-Show Campaign


With another successful Bridal Spectacular Show in the books, it’s now time for you to turn all of those fantastic leads into clients — and, we have a few post-show tips to help you create a successful post-show campaign.

Set Priorities

After you had the opportunity to speak with various couples during show, you should have a good idea of which ones are your best leads. Segment your leads into different categories of importance, such as hot, medium and cold. First begin following-up with your hot leads and once you have been able to connect with them, you can then move on to the medium and cold leads.

Follow-Up in a Timely Matter

Now that you have determined which couples to begin following up with, it is essential to contact them in a timely matter while you are still fresh in their mind. Whether it’s an email or phone call, a quick response is a great way to help your company stand out from competitors, who may take several weeks to follow-up with couples.

Be Unique and Professional

Just as you put time and effort into creating a unique and professional quality booth to help you standout at the show, you want to put the same effort into creating a great follow-up piece.

Consider mailing a small gift with a personal letter congratulating the couple and request an in-person meeting to further discuss ideas for their big day. If you can’t send a direct mail piece, then you can send a creative email personalized for each couple that also requests an in-person meeting. Also, be sure to use a professional email address, as opposed to a Yahoo or Gmail account. Yahoo and Gmail do not allow bulk e-mails to lead lists, so your efforts will be wasted if you distribute out this way. If you do not have a professional e-mail, hire someone to create one for you!

Create Various Touch Points

The more a couple hears and sees your company’s name, the more they will remember you. In your post-show plan, be sure to include multiple communication touch points with the couple. For example:

  • Send an email blast thanking everyone for visiting you at the show. Keep in mind that emails may go to spam or brides may not read them, so it’s important that you don’t rely entirely on this method.
  • Call your hot leads personally thanking them for speaking with you and request an in-person meeting.
  • Send postcard and/or packet with more information and invite them to your next open house.

Don’t Forget the Call-to-Action

However you choose to follow-up, it is always a good idea to include a bold and compelling message (such as a limited-time offer to book by a certain date) and a strong call-to-action. You can even offer couples an incentive to meet with you in-person, such as a $20 gift card. This will increase the response rate immensely.

Track Your Progress

Be sure you have a way to track all of your leads so no one is accidentally forgotten. In your marketing database or in a spreadsheet, keep track of how many times you have reached out to a couple and how you communicated with them. Trying a different form of communication may produce better results.

Remember, persistence is key! If you don’t hear back right away, don’t give up. Depending on what planning stage the couple is in, you can send a special offer a few months down the road, invite them to a future open house, or even the next Bridal Spectacular Show in January!