Bring Your A-Game to the 2017 Winter Bridal Show

It’s that time again! Show time is just a couple of weeks away where you will have the opportunity to meet with more quality brides than at any other bridal show in Las Vegas. Whether you are new to Bridal Spectacular or have been with us for years, we have a couple tips and reminders for a successful show!


Bridal Spectacular Educational Program

We understand that it can be difficult to get out of the office to join us for one of our show seminars. So, this year we are introducing a new educational program, created by outside expert Rick Brewer, to help prepare you for the upcoming bridal show.

Whether you are preparing for your first show or your fiftieth, these are fantastic tools for you to utilize. We will cover subjects such as effective displays, salesmanship as well as pre-show preparation and follow-up! Contact us at 702.368.0088 to get your link to access two audio programs and four videos.

Pre-Show Communications

You still have time to connect with brides before the show begins. Consider implementing a few pre-show promotions to drive brides directly to your booth and give them an incentive to book with you. Some great ideas include:

  • Post announcements on your social media channels asking your followers to visit you at the show. You can also run a social media contest or provide a special social media offer for those who stop by.
  • Send out a pre-show email blast asking brides to stop by to see you. You can also email personal invites with an exclusive message or promotion you will be offering at the show.
  • Share the Bridal Spectacular show schedule on your website and social media sites with a link to sign-up for a one-on-one consultation.
  • Remember to include your booth number on all your pre-show communications, including emails, direct mail, ads, social media and your website.


BrideScan is the ultimate free mobile app that helps connect brides and wedding professionals during the bridal show. Brides will no longer misplace your business cards or handouts, as all of your information can easily be saved directly to a bride’s phone through the app. Simply follow these steps before the show:

  1. Encourage brides to download the FREE BrideScan App on their phone.
  2. When speaking with them at the show, be sure they scan your vendor badge so they can easily follow-up with you afterward.
  3. Order your BrideScan Exhibitor Marketing Kit from Bridal Spectacular by January 13 and we will provide you with two BrideScan Lanyards, a BrideScan sign and a packet to keep it all together for use from show to show. The cost is $29. We will set you up in the BrideScan system and you will receive an email with the information you need to fill out your profile and any special offers you want the engaged couples to see. Call 702-368-0088 for more information.

Make Your Booth “Pop”

Having a professional and exciting looking booth with branded signage and handouts is vital to help you stand out at the show. Be sure to create and order any booth materials in advance, including banners, business cards, brochures/handouts, signage, as well as a way to track your booth visitors.

For more tips on how to set up your booth, please view the videos below:

Bring Your A-Team

When couples visit your booth, you want to ensure you have the best team available to promote your company and answer questions. Keep the following in mind to prepare your team:

  • Arrive early and dress professionally. Allow more time than you think you need for your booth set-up.
  • Give yourself time before the show begins to network with the other exhibitors so you can refer attendees back-and-forth.
  • Have enough team members on-hand so you can speak to as many brides as possible.
  • Bring team members who are eager to be there and engage with the couples.
  • Give your team regular breaks so they don’t burn out and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t hide in your booth or behind the tables! Stand (not sit) near the aisle to gain more foot traffic and appear more accessible.
  • Consider holding a contest to reward the team members who bring in the most qualified leads.
  • DO NOT start breaking down your booth until the show is over! The show will end at 5pm on Saturday and couples will stay until the very end. If you start breaking down early, you will deter the couples that stay until the end.

During the Show

The show is only two days, so make the most out of it! Be sure to be proactive and you will generate better results. Consider utilizing these strategies to gain more leads:

  • Get social with the Millennials! Post photos to your social media sites with couples and/or stream live videos from the show on Facebook Live or Periscope to build up hype.
  • Hold a raffle, offer a prize, or special show discount to reward brides for visiting you. This will also help draw more attention to your booth!
  • Give your attendees something fun to do, like an interactive demo to keep them more interested.
  • Run presentations or video loops on large video monitors and/or play music to liven up your booth.
  • In addition to giving away literature, also be sure to get the brides contact information so you can follow-up afterward.
  • For more great tips on the Do’s & Don’ts of selling at Bridal Show, please view the video below:

Afrer the Show

  • Follow-Up ASAP– It’s imperative to maintain the energy you built during the show and contact your leads while you are still fresh in their mind. Whether it’s an email, mailer or phone call, following up right away is a great way to help your company stand out from competitors who may take weeks to follow-up.
  • Have Patience- Do not expect all of your bookings to occur right away. Engaged couples come to these shows at all points in their planning process.
  • ROI- Keep in mind that this is an investment, and your return on the investment depends on you.

Remember, if you are proactive, bring your top team and implement just a few these ideas, your show experience will be more successful, and more importantly, will lead to more business. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!



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