Bring Your A-Game to the Autumn Bridal Spectacular Show

The Autumn Bridal Spectacular Show is just around the corner where wedding industry professionals will have the opportunity to meet with more quality brides than at any other bridal show in Las Vegas. To make sure you get the most out of the show, we have a few tips on how to bring your A-Game and turn those leads into business!

Autumn Bridal Spec Show

Prepare Your Booth Materials

Having a great looking booth that includes all the essential booth signage and handouts is incredibly important to help you look professional and standout from the crowd. Be sure to order any booth materials needed in advance, such as banners, business cards, brochures/handouts, signage, and branding.

To make it even easier for our vendors, Bridal Spectacular teamed up with local advertising agency, Up All Day Creative Solutions, to provide you with an exclusive discount for custom designed marketing materials to help you get the most out of your show experience. Bridal Spectacular Show exhibitors get up to 50% off on all of show marketing materials, including:

  • Booth Signage & Backdrops
  • Booth Flyers/Hand-Outs
  • Pre and Post-Show Emails
  • Pre and Post-Show Direct Mail Postcards
  • Social Media Contests
  • And More!

To learn more, please click here.

Pre-Show Promotions

There is still plenty of time to reach out to brides before the show begins. Consider implementing a pre-show marketing plan to drive brides directly to your booth, such as:

  • Include your booth number on all your pre-show communications, including emails, direct mail, ads, social media and your website.
  • Send out a pre-show email blast asking brides to stop by to see you. You can also email personal invites with targeted messages or any promotions you will be offering during the show.
  • Post announcements on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media channels asking your followers to visit you at the show. You can also run a social media contest or provide an exclusive social media offer for those who stop by.
  • Offer brides a special gift or discount if they come visit your booth.
  • Send half of something of value to attendees before the show, and promise to give them the other half when they visit your booth.
  • Post the Bridal Spectacular show schedule on your website and social media sites with a link to sign-up for a special one-on-one consultation.


Bring You’re A-Team

Once couples arrive at your booth, you want to be sure you have the best team onsite to discuss your company and answer questions. Keep the following in mind when selecting your staff:

  • Have enough staffers on-hand so you are able to speak to as many brides as possible.
  • Bring booth staffers who truly want to be there — nothing is worse than an unenthusiastic person who doesn’t appear approachable.
  • Give your staffers regular breaks so they don’t burn out.
  • Don’t hide in your booth or behind the tables! Stand (not sit) near the aisle to gain more foot traffic and appear more approachable.
  • Consider holding a contest to reward the staffers who bring the most qualified leads.
  • Bring your top management or owner to the booth and let the brides know they will be there to meet and answer all of their questions face-to-face.
  • Make friends with other vendors at the show so you can refer attendees back and forth.

Bring Your A-Team

During the Show

During the show you need to make the most out of it! Sure, you could just stand around hope the brides will come talk to you, but if you are proactive you will generate better results. Consider implementing these tactics to get more leads:

  • In addition to giving away literature, also be sure to get the brides contact information so you can follow-up and send additional information afterward.
  • Consider doing a raffle, offer a prize, or special show discount to reward brides for visiting you. This will also help draw more attention to your booth!
  • Give your attendees something entertaining and fun to do, like an engaging demo.
  • Run presentations or video loops on large video monitors and play music to liven up your booth.
  • Put out a candy dish to slow down attendees long enough to engage them.

Follow-Up Afterward

After the show is over, you still have work to do. It’s imperative to maintain the momentum you’ve built during the show and contact your leads while you are still fresh in their mind. Whether it’s an email or phone call, following-up promptly is a great way to help your company stand out from competitors that may take weeks to follow-up.

Being proactive, bringing your A-Team and implementing just a few of these marketing tips is sure to lead to a more successful show, and more importantly, more business. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all soon!


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