What Type of Bridal Show Follow Up Are You Doing?

After one of our recent bridal shows in Las Vegas, we surveyed the vendors as to how they planned to follow up with the brides they had met.

The options on the survey were:

  • No follow up planned
  • Call them
  • E-mail
  • Mail them

This is what the vendors said they were planning to do for follow-up

Bridal Show Follow up100% said they were going to e-mail the bride

37% said they would call the bride

no one said they would mail the bride!!


E-mailing the bride is definitely one of the ways you should follow up.  Just make sure you  design an effective campaign and time it right and don’t over due it. Brides will opt out or unsubscribe if you contant them too many times.  With the amount of spam mail everyone receives, you can’t be sure she will receive the e-mail or will respond to it.

Calling the bride is not always well received.  Today’s brides would prefer a text if you have their cell phone number over receiving a phone call from a stranger.

SEND MAIL!!!   There was a time when our mail boxes were overflowing and junk mail went into the trash.  But check your mailbox, how much mail are you receiving these days?  What do you receive in the mail and what catches your eye?    A bride is looking at everything WEDDING,  if you send her something in the mail  that is in the category that she still needs, she will notice it.  Target the brides you want, on the wedding days you are available, and send a well designed print piece.

Join the Bridal Spectacular in Las Vegas for our next bridal show, The Bridal Spectacular, no one brings in more quality brides than we do.


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