Five Tips To Promote Your Presence at The Next Bridal Show?

Bridal show season is coming and you have signed up to exhibit in one or more bridal shows.

  • “You may be asking, Why do I need to promote that I’m going to be at a bridal show?
  •  Isn’t it the show producers job to promote the show?”

Bridal Show Booth

A quality bridal show producer is already promoting the event, they generally advertise in multiple ways to make sure they bring the brides in, but you can increase the chances that the brides will want to stop at your booth!

Here are 5 tips that will help  brides want to find you at the show:

1.  Email, mail, or call your brides and let them know your booth # at the show and invite them to stop in at your booth.  Why?  Because if a prospect stops in at your booth hears other brides talking about booking you it reinforces that booking you is a good decision.  If they are not already booked with you, they will appreciate the invitation and enjoy another opportunity to talk to you face to face in a fun environment.

2. Maximize your social media:  Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter your booth #, show information, how to buy tickets and invite them to come see you for either a special gift, added value offer or discount if they book within in a defined period after the show. Ask the show producer if they have a badge designed for using on social media that you can share.

3.   A couple of weeks out put a message on your voice mail that tells brides where they will find you on the weekend of the show. If you have a retail location, put out show promotional material and posters with your booth # on it.

4.  Text message your prospects  the day before the show inviting them to stop at your booth while enjoying the show.  Create a game, drawing, or promotion that is only for your invited guests that will encourage them to stop at your booth.

5.  Plan your booth design well in advance, contact other vendors who are participating in the show for help with decor to make your booth stand out against the competition.  Brides are attracted to color, lighting and visions of what her wedding could look like. Contacting other vendors before the show gets them talking to their brides about meeting you too.

Inviting your brides will not only help increase attendance at the show, but your brides will be grateful that you invited them to an event that will be so helpful in planning her wedding.  Don’t get trapped in negative thoughts like, if I invite my bride she might meet my competition.  Have confidence that you have increased your reputation with the bride as an authority in the industry and firmed up her decision to hire you!

Wishing you much success at your next Bridal Show!

Debra Hansen
Show Producer
The Bridal  Spectacular

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