Accent Lighting Makes Your Booth Stand Out

Halogen Trade Show Booth LightsWalking a wedding show is like reading a headline on a print ad or scanning a subject line in an email. You have few second to gain a prospect’s attention. If you miss it, you might not get another chance.

Envision a band on a bandstand or models on the runway… NOW, imagine them in the shadows, or worse, in the dark. Not particularly appealing, are they?

Most photographers and decor companies (to pick just two) understand the importance of lighting specific surfaces in their booth, directly. Photographers often hang images on the pipe and drape and focus attention, there.

Venues, working with decor companies, spotlight a table-setting mockup, making it stand out.

Room Lighting is Not Enough

Hotel Ceiling FixtureWherever the bridal show may be… in a hotel ballroom, a conference center… anywhere, trusting ambient room lighting is risky business. You won’t be in the dark, but you’ll accent and spotlighting will make a stronger impact.

Owning 5 or 6 clip-on trade show booth spotlights is not a huge investment. And it’s not a 1-time investment, either. If you shop around, just a bit, you’ll discover single fixtures run in the $30-80 range, depending on your needs.

Need advice? Ask your bridal show producer how many watts you’ll need for your purpose… Should you use halogen or LED?… Just ask.

Don’t Stand in the Shadows

Don’t let your competition outshine you. Determine what you need and make it happen.

Remember, you’ve only got a few seconds to begin the conversation. Take full advantage of the opportunity.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

One response to “Accent Lighting Makes Your Booth Stand Out

  1. just check to see if you lighting will pass fire marshall approval, hallogens are not allowed in Las Vegas halls or hotels.

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