Twitter followers: What they say about you.

twitterMassive numbers of Twitter followers can look impressive, on first blush. But are they, really?

I reconnected with an old business friend on several social media platforms. He has about 30,000 Tweets, follows roughly 28,000, and has 50,000 followers.

Did I mention this is one of FOUR twitter accounts, for various purposes? The other three are much smaller in connections and activity.

What struck me was the random value of the followers. Many of them had not posted a photo or business logo, let alone complete their profile, or included a website address. Others, riddled with typos.

Why let such people follow you?

I recommend being more discerning about who (people and businesses) you follow, and who (you allow to) follow you.

If you have a business profile for Twitter, it’s highly recommended that the vast majority of people/businesses following you, be industry people/businesses. Conversely, your Twitter handle, profile, and tweets need to be aligned, accordingly.

If you profess to be a wedding professional, and never block random followers, it’s hard to take you seriously. On the other hand, if you manage your Twitter account followers, tweet with care, and focus who you follow, you will develop true connections.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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