Is your business a brand or commodity?

Corn is acommodity

Corn is a commodity

Here’s a hint… This is a trick question. I’m not really asking for your perception of your business.

An assessment of one’s own business is quite difficult. All of us suffer from The Curse of Knowledge. We cannot forget what we know, or believe, about our business.

The real issue is: What does the prospect know (or think they know) about your business or its category (photographer, baker, florist, disc jockey, etc.,)?

We may believe in ourselves and see our business as unique, special, or decidedly different. Prospects or peers in the wedding industry  (or some percentage thereof) may see us as similar to others in our category. And that is  the definition of commodity. A generic choice, essentially the same as others, differentiated by price.

I leave you with these questions…

  • Does your work SCREAM distinctive differences from competitors? Differences that make it a better value, at profitable price, brides are willing to pay?
  • When one of your peers is asked for a referral, is your brand  top-of-mind? Can they articulate what makes your company and service standout?
  • Ask a few wedding industry peers what they think of, when they think of your product/service? Ask them to role-play what they would say, when recommending you to a bride. How’d they do?

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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