Have you declared Bridal Show success?

donutI present to you… a donut! In all its sugary, doughy, high-caloric glory. As one of my old friends called it, “Hip food.”

Now, some other people, don’t see the donut, they see the hole. 

Those are often the folks who think a bridal show stops at the end of the second day. Not exactly!

That is when the fun begins…

A Gentle Reminder

Shortly after the Bridal Spectacular, I wrote a post about follow-up. That was an important post.

Most critical is the job of filtering the leads and dealing with them in different buckets, assigning different actions.

  • All the show leads
  • The show leads in your category(s) only
  • Brides who filled out lead sheets or contest entries while in your both
  • A spreadsheet sort of the leads you have flagged for follow-up, in chronological order.
    • Create another field for days-until-wedding, calculated from the Bridal Spectacular weekend.
    • Use a contact management program to schedule reminders to yourself for follow-up communication.
  • Brides or wedding couples you have spoken with, by phone, or in-person, since the show.

Are you tired yet?

You might be? The better question to ask is:

“Are you done marketing the bridal show leads, yet?”

The right answer to the question is:

“No!… and it’s too early to conclude if the show has been successful. I won’t know for at least a month or two after I’ve worked through the appointments I scheduled.”


When you’re in the bridal show, it feels like your competition is everywhere. Not true… that’s just some of your competition. There are many others, outside the four walls of the bridal show.

Your advantage is you had face time in your booth, and many accompanying marketing tools provided by Bridal Spectacular. And most of all, there’s that list. Names, addresses, dates, telephone numbers, email addresses… the works.

“Please don’t let any sizzling hot lead, cool off. Don’t leave any prospect untouched. And, don’t leave any money on the table.”

When all the work is done, and your bridal show numbers are in, your success should will be complete. Keep swinging!!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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