Booth Attraction: How did your exhibit measure up?

Last Friday, I arrived at Cashman Center about 3:30pm, and spent about six hours strolling the floors of Bridal Spectacular for the next six hours. It gave me the opportunity to see the complete booth displays before the show, without distraction, and during an active evening, with full activity.

Last night, Show Producer Debbie Hansen, posted 63 photos of exceptional booth displays on Facebook – Dazzle & Star Award Winners

There is a certain commonality among the most attractive exhibits.

  • The access to booth is unblocked by a table. For corner booths, that often means two sides are unblocked.
  • There are no trade show chairs in sight. Only the occasional stylish bar-stool for people how need to get off their feet, but who can still maintain eye-contact.
  • There are very few standard  trade show tables in sight. And if they are used, you’ll usually see them at the back of a booth, fully-draped.
  • Custom Signage is in use, supporting the brand of the exhibitor.
  • Tables are almost always, counter height. Often, high-boy cabaret tables, draped and gather.
  • Back-wall draping in various colors with a sparkle-factor made many booths jump out of the pack. A number of displays hung chandeliers to add a stylish, cozy feel, too.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Amelia C. & Co. Hair and Makeup Artistry – Amelia’s corner booth was open on two sides, and set up much like an art gallery. The framed photos showcased some of her company’s most striking work. There were three counter-height glass-topped tables, support by cylindrical-lighted bases. Three cluster lamps brightened the area, and their was one subtle information table at the rear of the booth, for awards and take-away information.

Hair and Make-Up isn’t typically a purchasing decision at the top of a bride’s list. This exhibit succeeds on a couple of levels.

  • It has the style of high-end photography booth, but the moment you enter, you know exactly what the business is about.
  • Certainly, Amelia C prompts awareness of brides, for future direct purchase. Perhaps even more important, she creates visibility among her peers for referrals. For certain categories of businesses, this factor is as important, if not more important, than selling directly to brides.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
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