Bridal Show Etiquette Part 4 – Reducing Friction

Breath Strips - MintsFor all the marketing effort and investment by your company and the bridal show producer, making or missing the connection with a prospective bride, can happen in half a minute or less.

Access: This can’t be repeated enough. Make certain that there are no obstacles (tables or otherwise) cutting off your booth perimeter. If people get backed up, into the aisle, they are far more likely to keep walking. Bring them into your space.

Obstacles: When setting up your booth space, remember that it will also have to accommodate your exhibit staff and prospective customers.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I really need to use all the vertical signs I own?
  • Why am I including chairs in my booth?
  • Is there any element of my booth that is just taking up space, creating clutter? If so, is there any downside to removing it?

Borrow a few people from one of your friends to populate the booth after you are set up. Having actual human beings filling space will make it easier to understand the space dynamics. Adjust accordingly.

Eye Contact: If it’s necessary to have a display table, with you on one side, and the prospect on the other side, consider making it counter height. It is much easier to maintain eye contact, if both parties are not leaning over to see samples.

Comfort Zone: Be conscious of the other person’s ‘personal space’. Don’t approach too closely. If there is a significant heigh difference between you and the prospect, step back, so that you or them are not craning your neck to look up, or towering over the other person. And don’t forget to have an ample supply of breath mints.

Your ability to make people comfortable and welcome in your exhibit space is critical. Step back, look at your space after set-up, and make adjustments before the show begins. Assess it, again, after the first day, and tweak it, if need be.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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