Bridal Show Exhibits: Attract or Repel

You can tell, in advance, which exhibitors are going to succeed or fail at a bridal show.

The ones at greatest risk skip the vendor-blendor to meet their peers, but more important. The greater softness in their bridal show marketing is not understanding the booth basics for attracting a crowd.

A few key points make all the difference

Your booth space is not a blockade. It should neither keep you corralled or keep people out. Perspective is a funny thing. It’s easier to see certain booth qualities that are absolutely wrong from the outside looking in. And once you understand both what the visual of the booth, and the logistics of navigating the space, it all becomes clear.

Take this booth… please…

Addition by Subtraction

Addition by Subtraction

Some bridal show producers provide two tables and a chair; others don’t. Do not accept or bring chairs (unless they are bar stool height). Chairs take up space, and cause you to look up at the brides and their entourage, rather than look them in the eye. You want to be standing, making eye contact, not planted behind a table.

The table, chairs, and you, not only fill up space, but block any signage, props or decor you’ve developed for the show. Not a good situation.

inviting booth

Inviting Booth

This booth, on the other hand, is welcoming.and open. Brides and friends will gravitate into the booth, because of the richness and simplicity of its look, and the absence of barriers to entry.

Both of these booths lack… people… and people take up space… so allow for it.

When you set up  your both at Bridal Spectacular, don’t let it be the first time.

Practice, get it right, and stand out in the crowd…

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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