Bride Attraction: Pre-Show and At The Show


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The smart vendor is not just waiting for August 16th and 17th to meet brides for the first time, at Bridal Spectacular.

The smart vendor is introducing their brand to brides, prior to the show. With advance brand awareness, brides will be looking for you… If the need a service in your category, you rise to top-of-mind.

As brides buy tickets to attend the show, they are added to the show email list. The best rhythm of communication is to send an email communication every other week, leading up to the show.

The emails should have fresh content, each time, and don’t be more aggressive than every other week… it can become annoying or needy.


My favorite new communication service is a texting service called Oh Don’t Forget. For a whopping $4.95 per month, you can schedule texts to heart’s delight. Reminders, promos, anything your heart desires. Get right to the top of a bride’s list… with a text message.


It’s easy to just give discounts or have giveaways. Raffles are always cool, if you really focus on getting sign-ups at your booth.

But a solid strategy is to develop an added-value promotion. It will connect with some brides who are leaning in your direction. Adding the extra hour, the bonus service, the extra product… are tipping points for closing a sale. Buddy up with a couple of your fellow exhibitors and brainstorm this one.

Secure A Date – Take A Deposit

Lock down an interested bride by taking a deposit. Some people bring checkbooks, but most don’t. Be prepared with your calendar for appointments AND bookings.

squareFurther, be ready with Square or PayPal Anywhere to take credit cards payments on-the-fly.

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