20/20 Bridal Show Hindsight… from Brides

see, touch, smell, feelIn the last post, we offered research on What Brides’ expectations were PRIOR to attending a Bridal Show.

In this post, we present “What Brides felt was important, AFTER attending the show?”

Some are confirmations. Others surprises. Yet certain items moved up or down the lists, in terms of most important to least important.

After attending the show, what turned out being important (in descending order from most to least)?

  • Face-to-face interaction was key
  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Fun
  • Seeing and understanding choices
  • Helpful vendors
  • Senses: See, feel, touch, and taste
  • An experience that could not be replicated online
  • 97% would NOT book their most important vendors without face-to-face interaction.
  • Pushy salespeople were a turn-off
  • Overwhelmed by the process
  • Lots of emails and calls in post-show follow-up
  • Being ignored by vendors the bride was interested in (… often, a by-product of understaffing).

What stands out for you?

Each type of business may find different factors more or less useful. Some may not apply, at all.

Here are some of my thoughts…

The notion that face-to-face interaction rose to the top of the list and pushy-sales people is off-putting, should be instructive. Very simple actions, make a big impact.

  • Eye contact
  • Properly thought-out greeting
  • Well-staffed booth
  • Avoid being distracted by the next prospect. Keep your eye on this prospect.

The word inspiration looms larger than ideas. To see what is possible… beyond what a bride has already considered, brings greater impact for your business.

The variety of options, ideas, and sheer number of exhibitors can be both a plus and a minus. For the wedding business category that requires longer discussion to make a solid decision, it should point to making appointments as your primary goal.

How do these trends apply to your business?

My interpretations are general in nature. Take the results and apply them to your business, and your business category.

Your analysis and implementation will make you more effective at the next Bridal Spectacular.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

One response to “20/20 Bridal Show Hindsight… from Brides

  1. While there are always a few brides who feel overwhelmed at a large bridal show, that does not mean that they don’t make a lot of decisions based on attending the show. It just takes them a while to sort through the data. Brides who attend small shows complain that there is not enough there for them and they often state they preferred the larger show. So this is an area that we are not likely ever to get perfect in the brides mind.

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