Bride Expectations for Bridal Shows

Wedding Professionals have expectations when exhibiting in Bridal Shows. They might come in the form of names-captured, appointments, sales, or any number of other factors.

What are the reasons that brides attend?

While not absolute, recent research by bridal show producers indicates a number of specific set of expectations that many brides have. In planning your strategy and tactics for exhibiting, it’s important to be aware of what brides are looking for, and do your best to find ways to have their outlook intersect with your goals.

From most important to least important:

  • Get help in planning
  • Get ideas
  • Have fun
  • Make many buying decisions in one place
  • Deals
  • Meet vendors face-to-face

This list may not contain any big shocker, but it does help you focus your strategy resonates with brides’ expectations.

One reality is: Brides are predisposed to enjoy the wedding planning process, and a bridal show is a social part of that experience. They want to have fun, assimilate new ideas, and have an opportunity to make multiple decisions.

An experienced wedding professional knows that the decision-making process for brides is often overwhelming.

Ask yourself:

“What can I do to make it easier for a bride to book an appointment or make a buying decision?”

Remember, the bullet-point list is a set of expectations. It is not necessarily going to be precisely what they will experience.

Preparation for the bridal show requires that you refresh your ‘wedding professional – bride’ conversation to ask key probing and bonding questions, and communicate important benefits, of your company, for each bride.

To the degree that you identify and practice the skill of addressing focused points, quickly, you can work toward booking an appointment, quickly.

In the next post: After attending a show, why did brides find important?

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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