Well-chosen words, send better signals

word choiceCommunicating with people, prospects, and clients is an inexact science, but if you work at improving word choice, the chance of a better result, increases.

Industry Jargon

RFP, CMP, CPA… Which one is a bride most likely to recognize? Use plain English. Don’t assume the non-professional speaks your language. They may feel like you’re intentionally ‘talking over their head’ to assert yourself. Or they may just feel a disconnect. Neither is good.


There are many ways to refer to performing a wedding service. To a bride, the words, such as gig or booking, reek of informality. Maybe, finalize or reserve the date.


A scary word!! It speaks to finality and obligation, associated with a buying decision. It begs for cold feet or buyer’s remorse. How about ‘the paperwork’, instead? … a lot less intimidated.


Just as intimidating as contract. How about your autograph? Your scribble?

Think about what you’re saying, and how it may be perceived. Are you adding friction to the discussion? Or are you making it easier?

Find the words the work for you AND prospects/clients. Many words… Not one word or phrase. Let them roll off your tongue to suit the situation and the individual. Make communicating easier.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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