Compelling copywriting in a Directory Listing: Part 10 in a series

The Pink BrideFinding well-written directory listings appears to be as rare as discovering a bride with a 6-figure budget.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of listings on various wedding websites in local, regional, and national websites. Instead of continuing on my journey for the complete well-written listing (from beginning to end), In this post, Here is one thoughtfully crafted sentence, demonstrating particular effectiveness.

Chad Eric Photography in Tennessee begins its listing in The Pink Bride with this powerful sentence.

“You leave your wedding day with three things…your love, your rings and your pictures.”

The breakdown of the meaning is this: When your wedding and reception are over you start your life with the intangible of ‘your love’, the physical representation of ‘your rings’, and vivid documentation of the photos. 

Weddings occur in three major parts:

  • The planning of the wedding and reception
  • The events, as they happen: wedding and reception
  • The memories of those events, people, feelings, special moments.

In one sentence, Chad makes the point than when it’s all done, wedding pictures are the physical manifestation of the events and memories; thereby, defining the extreme importance of wedding photography. Preferably his… 

A single well-written sentence increases the likelihood of a click-through to the company website for further investigation and consideration.

For your company, in your category, a listing, accompanied by a website and other marketing messages must do this:

Make the case for the importance of your type of service, in the context of all the other decisions a bride will make… AND provide the reasons for choosing your service, as opposed to others in your category.

I will continue to scour wedding directories for well-written listings (or parts of well-written listings).  Turns out that great copy concepts and copywriting are not easy as one might think.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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