Reevaluating your directory listing copy: Part 9 in a series

typewriterIt’s likely that you don’t reexamine the copywriting in your directory listing, often. That would make your normal.

Here’s the thing… it’s not unusual to cut and paste 2-3 sentences of copy from your website, paste it in, and call it day… never to return, again.

Here are some symptoms of a post, in need of a rewrite.

  • The copy is highly dependent on hyperbole or include vague adjectives.
    • ‘fill in the blank’ of your dreams
    • We are THE BEST
    • Upscale
    • Excellent
    • Personalized
    • Professional
    • Exceptional
    • Terrific
    • Awesome
    • Fantastic
    • Amazing
    • Perfectly (as an adjective)
    • Experience the difference
    • Unsurpassed
    • All

None of these words or phrases are tragic. Each, though, is an exaggeration, unclear, or generic.

First, don’t stress over your listing copy. Read all the copy of all competitors in your category and pick it apart.

Do the words paint a picture in your mind? Or do the adjectives sound upbeat, but ultimately say nothing (i.e. amazing, awesome)?

Is the copy written in the first person? We or I. First person can take a big business and make it sound as thought it operates out of garage.

You have a limited number of words to make your statement. Those words, plus your image and logo, are the driving force in causing a click-through.

Take the time to review your listing. You may only change a few words… or you may rewrite the entire thing. Either way, it’s a helpful process.

… and check for typos. I found a few. It’s unlikely they are spelling errors, just typos. Have someone else review the listing, particularly if it’s your writing. It’s easy to overlook mistakes or lack of clarity in our own writing.

NEXT TIME: I’m going to identify a couple of well-written listing examples, and suggest some tricks to help you in making revisions.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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