Thrifty or Cheap? – Improve your directory listing – Part 6


Thrifty or Cheap?

Hopefully, this blog post isn’t about your listing. And if it is about your listing, you’re going to thank me. This will only hurt for a minute.

What Brides Do When Planning (an abbreviated list)

  • Some start idea hunting even before they are engaged. It trains their visualization skills.
  • They attend a bridal show and make appointments with cool wedding vendors.
  • They visit website directories, read listings, and make some requests for information.

Here’s the thing… They are far more likely to click on a link to your website than call you in the evening, or at the office (while they are stealing time from the boss).

Let’s face it, if you have a life, you’re not working at the office after 7 or 8pm. You do have a life don’t you?

If you bought a bottom-of-the-rate-card listing on the wedding directory, your site doesn’t have a link to your website.

Go Directly to the Back of the Line

By failing to buy a listing with a hyperlink, you have decreased the chances of the bride making an inquiry, drastically. She will likely click on every other link in your category before she searches for your website.

Did you really think she was going to call your business and leave a message before looking at your website? REALLY?

What were you thinking? Upgrade your listing, today! 

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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