The Show is next Friday: Start your follow up plan, TODAY!

emailOne of the most common reasons for exhibitor failure is beginning follow up with brides, after the show.

It would seem logical to do post-show follow up… well, post-show. That is both true and false.

Whether you use postcards, letters, emails or telemarketing, it’s the preparation that determines the degree of success. Many brides are not quite ready to make a buying decision on the day of bridal show, often because they are overwhelmed.

However, if you are ready to follow up, immediately after the show, you gain a tremendous advantage. There are several key points to successful follow up.

  • A message or messages that are consistent with your appeal at the show.
  • Make your message personalized.
  • Use a customized landing page on your website, tied to the bridal show.
  • Don’t let time slip away. Follow up promptly.

The scariest part is that as many as 90% of wedding show exhibitors don’t follow up at all. And many of the rest, don’t do it well.

That is an opportunity for you!

Your success in Veils, Tails, and Cocktails doesn’t just happen at the show. The bigger success happens immediately after the show. That is… if you develop a follow up plan and implement it, succinctly.

You still have some time, if you get on it, today!

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

One response to “The Show is next Friday: Start your follow up plan, TODAY!

  1. Great suggestions! I love the idea of using a landing page or having a homepage presence as a follow up tool. Traffic spikes for us on the day of the show and slowly tails off after that.

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