Four Keys to Bridal Show Success

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Just a little over a month until we start a new year and until our next bridal show. We hope as a part of your 2013 planning, you consider exhibiting at one of our many great shows. If so, here are a few tips to ensure the show is a success!

1) Plan Ahead

When you start planning for the show, make sure to develop a strategy and set predetermined goals. For example, what is your game plan for the show? Do you just want to gain as much exposure and leads as possible, meet other vendors who can act as referral sources for your company, or actually make direct sales during the show? Once you determine your strategy and what you would like to accomplish, then you can better measure your results after the show.

2) Get The Right People

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (, 85% of success at trade shows depends on who is staffing your booth. These individuals are the face of your company and have a vast impact on how the attendees perceive your company. Make sure you bring in your A-team! The size of your booth, literature, and promotions become secondary. If your booth staffers leave a poor impression with a prospective client, then unfortunately handing out a great marketing brochure or coupon won’t be able to turn that impression around.

Consequently, it is vital to inform all of your staffers about your expectations and what they should accomplish at the show. If you are the company’s owner and will be the only person staffing the booth, then hold yourself to the same high standards that you would hold your team to. And, most importantly, be sure to collect as much contact information (e.g., name, phone or email) as possible from your leads so you can easily follow-up after the show.

3) Use Memorable Promotions

I completely understand that often times your promotional take-away is a last-minute decision or your budget is limited. However, if you hand out pens or key chains like everyone else, you run the risk of your take-away being left behind or just winding up in the garbage.

Whichever promotion you decide to use, be sure that it’s a memorable accent to your message and company. Try using pre-show tactics such as sending the attendees a personal invite to visit your booth via email or direct mail. Then, as a take-away at the show, hand out something that a bride may actually use, such as a checklist with your logo on it or a luggage tag that includes your website URL. If your pre-event communication piece uses the same theme as your take-away and booth, it will certainly leave a lasting impression with the attendees.

4) Follow-Up!

A surprising, but very true fact is 79% of leads generated at shows are never followed-up on according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. There’s no possible way any of your trade show efforts will pay off if you simply hope and wait for the leads to contact you. It is essential to be proactive. Start by creating a plan for following-up with each attendee you meet. This plan can be as simple as collecting phone numbers or emails and contacting each bride-to-be within 2-3 days after the show. Or, if you want to be more elaborate, you can collect mailing address and send them a fun gift along with a marketing brochure with your company information and rates.

Remember, a little planning and creativity can go a long way! For more great information on our Las Vegas bridal shows, be sure to visit or call 702-368-0088.

We hope to see you all at our upcoming Bridal Spectacular show in January!

Upcoming Show Information:

January 18 and 19, 2013

Fri. 6pm – 10pm & Sat. 11am – 5pm

Cashman Center

850 Las Vegas Blvd. No.

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