Trade Show and Bridal Show Preparation – Trade Show 101

As a Las Vegas wedding vendor, you are getting ready to participate in your first bridal show or trade show and you have no idea what to expect. Consider this your primer for Bridal Trade Show 101.

  • The standard size of a trade show booth is 10′ x 10′ or 8′ x 10′
  • The booth is generally surrounded by 3 curtain walls hung from a pipe structure
  • The side curtains are 3′ high and the back wall is 8′ high
  • Standard booth packages usually provide a small Identification sign with your business name and booth number on it.
  • Carpet is not usually included
  • Electricity is not usually included
  • A standard banquet table and 2 chairs are generally included.
  • Most shows have rules about how high your displays can be on the sides of your booth.  Refer to the  diagram for standards.
Pre-Show Planning Tips
There are 3 key Ingredients to Successful Exhibit Performance
  1. Plan 
  2. Execute 
  3. Follow-up 
For Successful Pre-Show Planning, ask yourself these questions
  1. Why am I exhibiting?
  2. Who am I targeting and will they be attending?
  3. What do you expect to accomplish
What are your objectives and how will you reach them?
  • education
  • generating sales leads
  • introducing new products
  • selling to existing customers
  • increasing name awareness
What information are you trying to communicate?
  • define your message with three key points
  • develop each point with details
  • use clear, understandable language
  • use words that paint pictures
Who is your target audience? Develop a target profile to help with prospecting and qualifying the bride you are wanting to reach.
  • Prepare a short commercial message to repeat to each bride
  • Pre-qualify her and send her nicely on her way if she is not your client
  • Don’t judge based on appearance, even discriminating brides wear jeans with holes in them.   
A prepared exhibitor is a successful exhibitor. The trade show producer is responsible to bring the attendees in to the exhibit hall, but only you can create the interest required to make the prospect want to buy from you.  Good luck with your next exhibiting experience.

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